Loki Has Become the God of Time in the MCU & Here’s What His Role Is

Is Loki god of time now in the mcu

Loki’s journey in the MCU has been nothing short of amazing. From wanting to annihilate all humans in the Universe or, at the very least, enslave them, he came to making the ultimate sacrifice to keep them alive and give them free will. Loki’s decision to sit at the core of “Yggdrasil” has plenty of ramifications for the future of Multiverse Saga, and today, we’re going to explore Loki’s new role in the MCU – that of the God of Time. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Loki did become a God of Time in the MCU, but not in the traditional sense. 
  • He doesn’t directly control and manipulate the flow of time like He Who Remains did. Instead, he keeps the branches of Multiverse together to keep them from dying. 
  • Separating Loki from the Tree of Time would most likely result in countless branches of the Tree dying off, resulting in the destruction of these timelines. 

Loki made the most difficult choice of all 

When Loki was presented with the choice of allowing the Temporal Loom to meltdown or killing Sylvie, everyone expected him to go straight for Sylvie. After all, this is the solution that keeps the most people alive, and it lets the current status quo, set up by He Who Remains to, continue. 

However, what Loki did shocked everyone. He stepped on that gangway himself, transforming into his godly self, and dismantled the Temporal Loom with his own powers, replacing it with himself. 

Is Loki in control of the timelines

We don’t know whether the Tree that Loki formed is Yggdrasil, but what we are sure of is that the Tree of Time and Loki, by extension, are the only things currently holding multiple realities from destruction. 

Loki is not your classic depiction of ‘The God of Time’ 

Plenty of talk has surrounded the “God of Stories’ version of Loki, and I do agree that this is the more accurate depiction of Loki currently. He doesn’t directly affect the flow of time, as nothing save from abstract entities has these kinds of powers, but Loki does control which timeline branch dies and which lives.  

If you were to separate Loki from the Tree, it’s likely that countless branches would die off, as Loki was the only thing that gave them life following the Loom’s destruction. 

Loki doesn’t look like he has any interest in destroying any of the branches. After all, he could have easily stopped the Kang the Conqueror variant from resurfacing in the Quantum Realm, but he didn’t. Ant-Family dealt with him even before the TVA could reach him. 

We don’t know, however, to what extent Loki is able to affect the timelines; if he is capable of affecting them after all, perhaps he only serves as a conduit for life-giving powers and nothing more. 


Is Loki Now (At the End of Season 2) The Most Powerful Character in the MCU?

Is Loki technically dead? 

Loki didn’t die in the MCU. We see him smiling in the last scene as he assumes his throne at the core of the Tree. However, it’s likely that his consciousness was fundamentally changed by becoming the God of Time. 

It’s not the old mischievous Loki who faked his death numerous times; neither is the Loki who was worried about being alone after his friends returned to their proper places in the timeline. 

mobius loki god of stories

It’s likely that his consciousness had to be elevated to cosmic proportions in order for him to assume his new title, and it’s also likely that as long as he serves as the core of the tree, he cannot be killed at all, if he were to be killed it would have serious ramifications for the rest of the Multiverse. 

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