All 16 Abstract Entities in Marvel, Ranked

abstract entities

While it may be true that there are a lot of powerful individuals in the world of Marvel Comics, what is also true is that there are godlike entities with powers that far surpass what other characters are capable of. That’s because these entities are cosmic in terms of their powers, and they all have incredible abilities that allow them to control the different functions of the universe or create and destroy life at will.

These beings are often called abstract entities as they don’t have any specific form, appearance, or gender but can appear at any given time using any given form they desire. Abstract entities are said to have powers that far surpass anything else in the universe. However, not all of them are powerful enough to rule the entire universe or even the multiverse because there is still a power hierarchy among them. Now, let’s look at the strongest abstract entities in Marvel.

16. Phoenix Force

phoenix force

Often associated with the Mutant named Jean Grey, the Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic entity often called one of the strongest entities in the universe and capable of commanding life and death themselves. In most cases, the Phoenix Force requires a host to function, and that’s why it has always been associated with Jean Grey, as she is its most prominent host.

The Phoenix Force is practically omnipotent but still limited in many ways. It may be able to command life and death, but this cosmic source of power is often limited by its mission or purpose. The fact that it often requires a host is one of the things that can hold it back, as the power of the Phoenix Force may have to depend on what the host wants to do.

15. Sire Hate


Sire Hate was one of the abstract entities that Eternity assembled to confront Thanos, who had the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. In that regard, this entity had enough power to stand toe-to-toe with the Infinity Stones, which have the power to command the entire universe.


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As the embodiment of hate, Sire Hate has incredible powers that can affect the feelings of different beings just by being present. It also possesses incredible cosmic powers that allow it to become immortal and choose to teleport from one place to another quite easily. Nevertheless, Sire Hate’s powers pale compared to the other cosmic beings on this list.

14. Mistress Love


Mistress Love is the equal of Sire Hate and was one of the entities present in a meeting involving Eternity and a few other abstract entities. As such, Eternity recognized Mistress Love’s powers to be great enough to deal with the threat involving Thanos and the Infinity Stones.

Like Sire Hate, Mistress Love is one of the most powerful entities in the entire universe and has powers related to a person’s feelings. She can control emotions on a universal scale. And just like Sire Hate, she may not be as strong as the other abstract entities on this list.

13. The In-Betweener

in between

The In-Betweener is an incredibly powerful entity that exists as an agent of Lord Chaos and Master Order because he is a being found between the opposite concepts of chaos and order. He is often called the opposite of Galactus as well because Galactus is said to exist between Eternity and Death.

Because he is often compared to Galactus, the In-Betweener is so strong that this being can easily destroy entire planets and galaxies. Nevertheless, the In-Betweener is weaker than his creators, Lord Chaos and Master Order. But while that may be true, this entity is still one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics.

12. Lord Chaos


Lord Chaos is undoubtedly the personification of the embodiment of chaos in the entire universe and is said to exist alongside its counterpart, Master Order. Like many other abstract entities in Marvel, Lord Chaos is essential because it represents an important part of the universe: chaos.


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Though the true limits of Lord Chaos’ powers are unknown, we know that it can affect the universe because it represents chaos. Together with Master Order, Lord Chaos was able to create an incredibly powerful agent called the In-Betweener. According to Thanos, Lord Chaos is right up there with Sire Hate and Mistress Love regarding its powers.

11. Master Order


Master Order is the opposite of Lord Chaos and represents the concept of order in the universe. While order and chaos are opposites, they often exist as essential parts of the universe, and that’s why Master Order is said to be the equal of Lord Chaos. But while that may be true, Master Order or Lord Chaos can be stronger than the other, depending on how orderly or chaotic the universe is.

Under normal circumstances, Master Order is just as strong as Lord Chaos. They are both incredibly powerful beings that can affect the universe as a whole. According to Thanos, Master Order is right up there with Mistress Love and Sire Hate regarding its power.

10. The Griever at the End of All Things


Most of the characters on this list are powerful entities with different versions of themselves in different universes all over the Marvel multiverse. But some characters exist as singular entities in the multiverse, and the Griever at the End of All Things is one of them because she is the embodiment of destruction and entropy in the entire multiverse instead of just one universe.

The power of the Griever at the End of All Things is so great that she easily kills Molecule Man, one of the strongest beings in the universe. But while the Griever at the End of All Things should normally be higher up on this list, she has no powers to create as she can only destroy. Moreover, her powers are often limited to destroying entire universes or dimensions because she struggles to use her powers on individuals.

9. Death


Of course, we have one of the strongest abstract entities in the form of Death, as this character is said to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe because it belongs to the Four Pillars of Reality. And that’s because Death represents death, one of the universe’s fundamental aspects.

Death can liberate the soul or spirit of a living being at will, although it usually leaves the task to other characters, including Hela and the Valkyries. Nevertheless, Death is the very embodiment of death in the universe and owns every soul that ends up in the afterlife. This is why Death is one of the most powerful entities in the entire universe.

8. Oblivion


Oblivion is the progenitor of Death in the universe and is one of the most powerful abstract entities in the entire Marvel Comics lore. He is one of the Four Pillars of Reality and is stronger than Death but weaker than Eternity and Infinity, who exist to oppose Oblivion. And the reason why Oblivion is so powerful is the fact that he represents the ending of all things.


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As a being that represents the ending of all things, Oblivion can destroy entire worlds, galaxies, or even the universe itself. He is so powerful that only a few characters in the Marvel Comics world can match this cosmic entity’s power. This is why Oblivion is often seen as one of the entities that different Marvel characters fear, as he represents the power to end all life.

7. Eternity

Eternity Marvel comics

Eternity is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel universe, as he embodies the Marvel universe itself. He represents time and can control the different functions of the universe to a certain extent. And with his sister, Eternity stands at the top of the universe regarding his authority, surpassed only by the Living Tribunal.

As a being representing time, Eternity possesses nigh-omnipotence and can manipulate time, space, energy, magic, and reality. Eternity can also physically manifest in the different parts of the universe because it represents the universe itself. But Eternity struggled against Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet because not even his powers were capable of matching the powers of the Infinity Stones.

6. Infinity


Infinity is a being who also possesses incredible power because she embodies the Marvel universe, together with his brother, Eternity. That means that her authority is also similar to her brother’s in that she is second only to the Living Tribunal in terms of her authority in the Marvel universe. In fact, after the death of the original Living Tribunal, Infinity and Eternity ruled the universe together before a new Living Tribunal was created.

While Eternity represents the concept of time, Infinity represents the concept of space. Together, they govern time and space in the Marvel universe, and that’s why it is easy to see why and how they are so powerful. Infinity and Eternity are the two strongest members of the Four Pillars of Reality and the two most powerful abstract entities (other than the Living Tribunal) in terms of their authority.

5. Nemesis


Not a lot of people are familiar with Nemesis. Still, she used to be the sole being in the entire universe. She was the one who was responsible for creating the Infinity Gems or Stones, which are powerful gems that represent different aspects of the universe. The Infinity Gems are so strong that Thanos was stronger than Eternity when he wielded all the stones together.

Nemesis may not be part of the hierarchy of authority compared to the five main abstract entities. Still, she is far stronger than the Four Pillars of Reality because her control over the aspects of the universe is greater than what the Infinity Gems are capable of. This means that Nemesis is stronger than most of the different entities the Marvel Comics universe has seen.

4. Protégé


While Protégé wasn’t supposed to be stronger than any other abstract entity on this list, we know there’s a reason why he is on this list. That’s because Protégé can mimic the power of any cosmic entity just by observing them. This allows him to be as powerful as he wants to be.

At one point, Protégé could even copy the powers of the Living Tribunal and match the powers of the strongest cosmic entity in the Marvel multiverse. But while Protégé can do that, the thing is that his powers are limited to mimicry. That means he can only mimic a power instead of having his cosmic powers.

3. First Firmament

first firmament

There are a lot of different characters who are universal in terms of their powers. Still, the First Firmament embodied the very first universe to ever exist in Marvel. It was so powerful that he was the one who created the Celestials, which we know are godlike entities that are just below the power levels of the abstract entities in Marvel.

The First Firmament was so powerful that he was omnipresent and omnipotent. He was also strong enough to defeat a weakened version of Eternity. The First Firmament nearly devoured the multiverse, as it was even estimated that he was stronger than an entire multiverse. That said, while he isn’t usually included in the hierarchy of different cosmic entities, the First Firmament is powerful enough to overwhelm all the other abstract beings in the universe.

2. The Black Winter

black winter

When you look at the Black Winter, it doesn’t seem too impressive, but the thing about this being is that it is one of the few multiversal entities on this list and can exist in all universes at the same time. Winter is Galactus on a much greater level because it lives to devour entire universes. In fact, Galactus is only a mere herald to this incredibly powerful entity.

The Black Winter is an entity that was so powerful that Thor, at his strongest, struggled to defeat this being. Thor needed to use Galactus’ dead body as a bomb to defeat this entity. Nevertheless, the Black Winter is so powerful that fans often consider it the Marvel equivalent of the Anti-Monitor in DC.

1. The Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal

Out of all the different characters in the entire multiverse of Marvel, there is no one quite like the Living Tribunal, which sits atop the list of abstract entities in terms of its power and authority. Unlike the other abstract entities in Marvel, there is only one Living Tribunal in the entire multiverse, as this being governs the entire multiverse as the representative of the one true god called the One Above All.


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In that regard, the Living Tribunal’s powers are only considered second to the One Above All, although a group of Beyonders defeated him. Nevertheless, the Living Tribunal’s powers allow him to govern the entire Marvel multiverse as its god, which means it can control every multiverse aspect. The Beyonders defeated him only because it was outnumbered and could not assert its authority over things beyond the Marvel multiverse.

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