Is Loki Now (At the End of Season 2) The Most Powerful Character in the MCU?

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At the end of season 2 of ‘Loki,’ we saw how Loki was able to become a new type of god as he is no longer just the Asgardian God of Mischief and is now a god that is in charge of regulating the entire multiverse as the one overseeing all of the timelines at the end of time. This was all thanks to his newfound ability to slip into different timelines and even pause time itself. So, does that mean that Loki is now the most powerful character in the MCU?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Loki has the ability to go to different timelines in the vast multiverse but is not the most powerful MCU character.
  • Loki’s ability to slip into different timelines is limited because he has to have a specific person he wants to see in that timeline.
  • Loki is no more durable than he was before he got his powers, as anyone can still kill him despite his new abilities.

Loki can now control time

When season 2 of ‘Loki’ started, we learned that Loki was slipping between different points in time in the history of the TVA, and this was a phenomenon called time slipping. Of course, while Loki thought he had fixed this problem, it returned in episode 5. In that episode, he learned that this was not a problem but a new power or ability. He learned to control this power by focusing on a person in a certain timeline so that he could slip to that point in time.

loki centuries

This became useful in episode 6 of season 2 because Loki started going back to different points in time to try to save the TVA from total destruction. He even spent centuries going back in time to learn everything he needed to learn about the science behind the Temporal Loom and the Throughput Multiplier. Loki’s mastery over this skill allowed him to spend hundreds of years going back to the past at will without even losing his sanity.


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Of course, we also learned that Loki’s control over his powers allows him to pause time at will as well while keeping a few things constant. He learned this from He Who Remains, who showed Loki that he could pause time as well. Loki eventually used this skill when he slipped back to just before he lost everyone in AD Doug’s laboratory as he paused time while allowing Sylvie to continue to move.

sylvie and loki

Out of all of the different characters we’ve met who can control an aspect of time, Loki’s ability is stronger as his time slipping also allows him to move through space. He can go to different timelines in the multiverse without using a portal like America Chavez or a cosmic tool like the Time Stone. And because of this power, he was able to rewrite history itself.

Loki’s abilities basically allowed him to become the only one who could resist the radiation of the Temporal Loom without the need to wear any protective gear. He was also able to become the only one who could replace the Temporal Loom and He Who Remains as the god overseeing the different timelines and holding them all together.

There are limits to Loki’s powers

As mentioned, Loki has become a powerful god who can now control time. He can move through time and space and go to different realities and timelines in the vast multiverse. But there are still limits to his ability.


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The first limit is that he can only time slip whenever he is focusing on a specific person. His time slipping doesn’t work in a manner that’s universal or absolute, as he cannot go to a specific timeline that doesn’t contain a person he wants to see. For example, he cannot go back to the time of the dinosaurs because that timeline doesn’t have a specific person that he wants to see or talk to.

As such, his time slipping only works as long as he has a specific person he wants to see. It doesn’t matter if the person is a variant as long as that person has the same Temporal Aura. That was how Loki was able to slip into the past continuously during the events of episode 6 of season 2.

Loki’s ability to pause time isn’t absolute, as well as he can only temporarily pause time instead of pausing it indefinitely. There also isn’t an assurance that he can take more than one person with him whenever he pauses time, as the only person he has ever been able to take with him was Sylvie.

Of course, Loki doesn’t control time but only moves through it. There is no evidence that his abilities allow him to have complete control over time, as the only thing he can do is control how he flows through time.

Is Loki in control of the timelines

In relation to the fact that he is now the one holding the timelines together, he isn’t the one who is actually in control over the things that are happening in the timelines. Instead, he only took the place of the Temporal Loom as the one regulating the timelines and holding them together instead of actually calling the shots in terms of what happens in those timelines.

Loki can still die

At the end of season 2 of ‘Loki,’ Loki became a new type of god as he is now overseeing the multiverse as the one holding all of the timelines together. But that doesn’t mean that he is now a cosmic being who is omnipotent, omniscient, and truly immortal.


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Instead, Loki could still die if someone were to find a way to get to the end of time and kill Loki. It is possible that he can find a way to prevent his death by pausing time before he actually dies or by going back in time. But Loki can still die, especially if someone were to find a way to skirt through his ability to slip through time and space.

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