17 Marvel & DC Characters That Can Beat Ghost Rider in a Fight


Ghost Rider is known to be among the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics, and some fans would argue that he is at the top of the power hierarchy even. Ghost Rider has incredibly overpowered abilities, most notably his Penance Stare and his Hellfire manipulation. Ghost Rider cannot be destroyed easily, sure I mean, his human host can, but the Spirit of Vengeance can only be banished (for a short time) with a holy weapon or through the will of gods. 

Now with everything said, there are only a few characters in Marvel and DC comics that fit the criteria of being able to defeat the Spirit of Vengeance and cause it to retreat for a time, and this is basically what our list is going to be about. Let’s see 17 powerful Marvel & DC characters that can beat Ghost Rider in a fight. 

1. Galactus (Marvel)

Now, Galactus is pretty much known to be a cosmic being of terrifying power. He has Power Cosmic on his side and is able to manipulate reality on a small scale. This isn’t, however, the deciding factor in his fight against Ghost Rider. It’s his immunity to Penance Stare. 

Galactus is completely amoral. He lies outside the laws of morality because his actions are necessary for Universe’s survival, which means that Penance Stare can’t hurt him. Galactus would pretty easily deal with both the human host and the Spirit of Vengeance. 


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2. Sentry (Marvel)

Sentry Origin

Sentry doesn’t have a catch when it comes to deflecting Ghost Rider’s abilities, but he has raw power. Sentry has the potential of millions of exploding suns. He has infinite strength, cannot be killed, and can move several times faster than light. 

He faced one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and lived to tell the tale with relative ease. If someone can outlive Ghost Rider, it’s Sentry. 

3. The Beyonder (Marvel)

As a being outside of the Marvel Multiverse, The Beyonder is not bound by laws set by The One Above All, and he proved it by killing the Living Tribunal, which had to be replaced. 

Not only is The Beyonder physically more powerful than Ghost Rider, but he is also omnipotent, meaning that dealing with Ghost Rider would most likely be a walk in the park for him. The Beyonder faced far more powerful enemies and survived. He will also outlive Ghost Rider in any scenario. 

4. The Spectre (DC) 

The Spectre

If someone can stand up to Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance, it’s DC’s Spirit of Vengeance – The Spectre. Spectre is a cosmic being, and although he has a similar purpose to Ghost Rider, he is vastly more powerful. The Spectre is omnipotent, uses magic, can change reality as he sees fit, and utilizes powerful Eldritch blasts.

Just like Ghost Rider, The Spectre also cannot be dealt with through regular means, which makes for a one tough fight. 

5. Thanos (Marvel) 

Thanos is a pretty powerful character, but the reason why he’s included on this list isn’t because of his inherent strength or energy-manipulating powers. It’s because of his psychopathic immunity.

Even though Thanos is technically not immune to Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare, he would enjoy having his sins reflected back to him and savor the pain that is brought upon him. Ghost Rider might find himself outclassed both physically and mentally

6. The Fallen One (Marvel) 

We’re not talking about the original Galactus’ Herald. We’re talking about the version of Silver Surfer from the alternative future where Thanos won and managed to annihilate almost all life in the Universe, including the celestial pantheon of beings. 

In this storyline, Mjolnir-worthy Silver Surfer managed to defeat one of the strongest versions of Ghost RiderCosmic Ghost Rider. He smashed him to death with Mjolnir, although Ghost Rider was later brought back to life by Odin. 


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7. Doctor Fate (DC)

Origin of Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is one of the most notable magic users in comics in general and has a vast array of powers at his disposal, almost all of which are mystical in nature. The main reason, however, why he would be able to take down Ghost Rider is his use of ancient divine artifacts, to which Ghost Rider is extremely vulnerable to. 

He is also far stronger and would be able to outlast him in a fight. 

8. The In-Betweener (Marvel)

Now The In-Betweener is not exactly the first character that you think of when you think “extremely powerful,” but it’s true. In-Betweener is a bizarre character because he embodies the opposite concepts. He can be reality and illusion at the same time, good and evil, logical and emotional. He can exist and not exist at the same time. He is more of a concept than anything. 

So, why would he be so successful against Ghost Rider? Because Penance Stare wouldn’t exactly work against someone that is good and evil at the same time and none of these things. 

9. Thor (Marvel)

Thor usually finds his way to these types of lists because of his impressive abilities and incredible physical strength and durability. But as we know, Ghost Rider is more or less immune to magical damage. Thor would have an advantage in this fight due to his enchanted hammer, which can be considered to be a divine weapon. 

As Rider’s big weakness, any type of attack generated by divine weapons would be able to cripple him, including enchanted lighting. 

10. Proteus (Marvel) 

Just like Ghost Rider, Proteus needs to have a human host from time to time. But what separates Proteus from Ghost Rider are his reality-breaking abilities and his powers of molecular manipulation. 

Proteus isn’t the most straightforward pick on this list, but his level of power would be enough to deal with Ghost Rider. 

11. Lucifer Morningstar (DC) 

Ghost Rider notably defeated the Marvel version of Lucifer and assumed the throne of hell for himself, but don’t expect it to be that easy in DC Universe. 

Lucifer Morningstar is one of the most overpowered characters in DC comics. He is nearly omnipotent and empowered by divine forces. He is omnipresent, omniscient, has vast elemental control, and holds the mystic forces from collapsing frequently. If anyone can put a stop to Ghost Rider, it’s DC’s fallen angel. 

12. Knull 

Knull is a primordial being from outside of our Universe. He is the creator of Symbiotes and has vast physical and mystical powers at his disposal. Knull can control and utilize Symbiotes no matter where they are, and he is the creator of one of the most powerful weapons in Marvel Universe All-Black. 

Now, Knull might not be the most obvious choice on this list, but anyone that can decapitate a Celestial, rip Sentry in half, and defeat Thor is likely to be able to put a stop to Ghost Rider as well. 

13. Wonder Woman (DC)

Wonder Woman is not the type of demigoddess that is able to banish Ghost Rider, we’re looking at the wrong type of pantheon here, but she does have other tricks up her sleeve. No matter how strong, durable, and fast Wonder Woman is, she would struggle against Ghost Rider’s nearly infinite potential. She does have a whole arsenal of magical artifacts, however, that would be able to severely hurt Ghost Rider. 


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14. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is currently depowered, but during his most powerful days, he was the most powerful mutant in all of reality. Franklin Richards had vast reality-altering potential. He had the potential to create entire universes. He was powerful enough to make Galactus his Herald and resurrect him on several occasions

It’s not so far-fetched to assume that Richards, classified as a nearly godlike being, would be able to defeat Ghost Rider efficiently and quickly. 

15. The Decreator (DC)

Origin of The Decreator

The Decreator is not the most popular character on this list, and I’m not even sure that I can classify him as a “being” as he is mostly in the form of an inescapable force that devours everything. The Decreator was created at the same time as light and life and served as the exact opposite of existence. 

The Decreator’s main purpose is to slowly absorb everything, and his most striking power is the ability to spontaneously erase everything from existence. Now Decreator is probably the only being on this list that would be able to get rid of Ghost Rider for good, and since morality and other human concepts don’t really apply to him, he would be completely immune to Ghost Rider’s powers. 

The Decreator cannot be destroyed or stopped, but he can be slowed down. 

16. John Constantine (DC)

John Constantine is the most popular master of dark arts and the occult in DC comics. He has a vast knowledge of heaven and hell, magic, demon summoning, and eldritch-based powers at his disposal. Constantine is also one of the characters that are most likely to guess what Ghost Rider’s prime weakness is, and most likely to have some divine heaven-based artifact lying around his pockets. 

17. Michael Demiurgos (DC) 

And we finish our list with Michael Demiurgos. We’ve met his twin brother earlier on the list, and pretty much the same arguments stand for Michael as well. Michael is a divine being. His physical body is considered to be a holy artifact of great power. Ghost Rider would probably be burnt to a crisp by merely standing in Michael’s presence. 

Who do you think would be able to beat Ghost Rider? Let us know in the comments!

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