Marvel: Newest Leaks Suggest ‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Has Been Decided

Marvel Newest Leaks Suggest ‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Has Been Decided

Marvel Cinematic Universe is still in Phase Five, but the future projects and their assembles intrigue the fans worldwide. Since Marvel Studios announced the new ‘Fantastic Four‘ movie years ago, fans didn’t stop fan-casting their picks for the notable superhero group. Of course, we saw John Krasinski as Reed Richards in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,’ but he was cast mostly because of fan service.

The leaks online aren’t strange for Marvel Cinematic Universe; most notably, we remember to whole drama with ‘Avengers: Endgame’ when huge spoilers were leaked before the world premiere. ‘Fantastic Four’ casting rumors have been circulating for months, but it seems that one user, or better yet, scooper, leaked the final casting choice for ‘Fantastic Four’ – Adam Driver will portray Reed Richards, Margot Robbie as Susan Storm, Paul Mescal as Johnny Storm and Daveed Diggs as Ben Grimm.

The user @MyTimeToShineH confirmed that these four actors will be the “new generation” of Fantastic Four, and another “scooper,” @AlexFromCC, supported their colleague’s rumors. This isn’t the first time these users leaked something on Twitter, with @MyTimeToShineH already posting or confirming DC’s ‘The Flash’ spoilers.

Nevertheless, if these rumors are true, we have something to be excited about. Adam Driver has been rumored for weeks to take over the mantle of Reed Richards from Miles Teller, and from the first reactions, fans absolutely love this casting. Driver is an excellent actor, mostly known for his work in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise as problematic Kylo Ren. His other work includes movies ‘Paterson,’ ‘Logan Lucky,’ ‘Marriage Story,’ ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ ‘The Last Duel,’ and ‘House of Gucci.’ A truly great casting choice.

Margot Robbie was heavily connected to the role of Susan Storm, and like her colleague Driver, she has a notable acting portfolio. Robbie is known for her work in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Tarzan,’ ‘I, Tonya,’ and more. She also portrayed a comic book character, Harley Quinn, in DCEU, in two ‘Suicide Squad’ movies and ‘Birds of Prey.’ A few weeks ago, James Gunn suggested that he gladly will continue his work with Robbie, who has been amazing as the quirky anti-hero, but it seems Marvel fans will have the pleasure of watching Margot Robbie portray one of the most iconic female characters of Marvel Universe.


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According to a leak, an Irish actor, Paul Mescal, will portray Johnny Storm in the MCU. He’s more of a theater actor who slowly but surely transitioned on big screens and TV, with roles in ‘The Lost Daughter,’ ‘God’s Creatures,’ ‘Aftersun,’ and ‘Normal People.’ He is less known than his colleagues’ Driver and Robbie, but he’s a really talented actor who will do his best to portray a fun character like the Human Torch.

Finally, the role of the Thing, also known as Ben Grimm, will be given to Daveed Diggs, an American actor whose acting career skyrocketed after his acclaimed performance in the successful musical ‘Hamilton.’ Diggs continued his great performances in the TV series ‘Black-ish’ and ‘Snowpierecer,’ while movies include ‘Wonder,’ ‘Velvet Buzzsaw,’ and the Disney live-action adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid.’

The leaks are getting a lot of traction on social media, and if the scooper’s track record suggests something, they have really good connections within Marvel Studios.

Most of these castings were rumored by the leakers online before and even fan-casted regularly. Still, the roles of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are surprising and quite good choices for the characters.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ movie is directed by Matt Shakman, and it’s supposed to be released in February of 2025 – if the WGA strikes continue, the movie’s release might have to be delayed.

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