Moon Knight vs. Black Panther: Who Would Win & Why?

moon knight vs black panther

Marc Spector, better known as Moon Knight, used to be a mercenary who was left for dead in the desert but was revived by the moon god Khonshu. T’Challa, better known as the Black Panther, is the head of state of Wakanda and a member of the Avengers. Both characters are powerful and have plenty of resources at their disposal. If it ever came down to a fight between Moon Knight and Black Panther, who would win in a fight?

Black Panther would win in a fight against Moon Knight. He has a genius-level intellect, while Moon Knight’s insanity would somewhat hinder him. The amount of technology at T’Challa’s disposal would also help a great deal. Vibranium is also more versatile than Adamantium and would aid T’Challa in defeating Moon Knight.

In their way, Moon Knight and Black Panther are both fan-favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. This article will compare their various powers and abilities to determine who’d come out on top in a battle between them. So if this intrigues you, read on to get the inside scoop.


After consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb, T’Challa’s physical attributes were enhanced significantly to levels like those of a super soldier. It gave him enhanced strength, making him strong enough to shift the weight of a 2.14-ton car with just one hand. His strength was further enhanced after the panther goddess Bast blessed him, thus elevating his strength to between peak human and superhuman levels.

He was able to subdue a 3000lbs as well as 5-ton black rhinoceros. At one time, he tossed a fully grown man with one arm, tore through a thin wall with just one hand, and wrestled a 20-foot-long crocodile.

BLack panther lifting

Moon Knight is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. His strength is particularly greatest under the moonlight, and when he accesses more of it, he’s capable of lifting 2 tons under the full moon. His strength allows him to perform incredible feats like bending steel bars, tangling with supernatural creatures, and defeating the Jackal.

Moon Knight wins this round.

Point: Black Panther (0:1) Moon Knight


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Vibranium vs. Adamantium

Wakanda is famous for having the largest vibranium deposit on the planet. Vibranium is one of the strongest materials in the world, and Wakanda uses vibranium to develop some of the most powerful and refined technology in the world.

Thing is, most of Black Panther’s gear is made out of Vibranium, which further adds to his heart-shaped herb-enhanced physiology. His Vibranium suit is capable of absorbing massive amounts of energy. He can literally convert punches to power.

black panther vibranium

On the other hand, Moon Knight uses all kinds of technology. Some versions of his suit are made from a material called carbonadium which could disrupt the healing factor of other beings. Even Wolverine couldn’t heal from carbonadium. Moon Knight’s most famous suit is, however, made out od Adamantium. You might be familiar with this metal since it’s strongest in Marvel Universe, and Wolverine’s claws are coated with it.

moon knight suit

In the comics, vibranium and adamantium have been pitted against each other, with adamantium coming out on top mostly. Although adamantium is much denser and can break pure vibranium, it’s the versatility and remarkable properties of vibranium that make Black Panther the winner of this round.

Point: Black Panther (1:1) Moon Knight

Intellect & Sanity

Moon Knight is an incredible strategist and tactician with incredible detective skills. While he is intelligent in his own right, he is incapable of matching some of Marvel’s geniuses like Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. However, his intelligence deserves some recognition.

One thing that plagues Moon Knight, however, is insanity. After he was resurrected by Khonshu, he developed several personalities battling for control in his mind. He hears voices and sees hallucinations. This does aid him during his vigilante work, allowing him to be fearless and brutal just like the Bat. Though, at times, this can be hard for him to grapple with.

T’Challa has an incredibly intellectual mind that’s at par with some of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe. He was smart enough to design his suit, the Panther Habit, using vibranium, which is no mean feat. He’s said to be the 6th smartest person on Earth-616. He’s a gifted engineer, helping Wakanda develop into a technological superpower.


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He most impressively merged alchemy with advanced science to create a whole new branch of scientific research known as Shadow Physics. He’s also responsible for Falcon’s signature wings as well as the Quinjet. In Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #515, he makes a quick trip to a local electronics shop in Hell’s Kitchen and makes a powerful electromagnetic glove and some taser-like projectiles.

As for the question of sanity, he’s as sane as anyone can be. He has a strict moral code and an adherence to tradition that grounds his mind. Black Panther easily wins this round.

Point: Black Panther (2:1) Moon Knight

Resources and Technology

To finance his vigilante work, Moon Knight developed a guise known as Steven Grant. He used Mark Spector’s modest life savings to invest in Wall Street and hit it big, garnering a massive fortune. He uses this fortune to develop high-tech equipment and weapons to aid in his endeavors. He is wealthy. However, this wealth is highly dependent on his business success. Compared to T’Challa, his resources are somewhat limited.

As the King of Wakanda, T’Challa can boast of being the leader of a highly advanced nation with incredible amounts of vibranium, which serves to help them develop remarkable technology. His resources are virtually limitless, and the technology at his disposal is impressive, to say the least.

Point: Black Panther (3:1) Moon Knight

Durability and Stamina

Black Panther is incredibly durable. His skin, muscles, and bones are much denser than those of a normal human being, and as such, he can withstand extreme damage even without his suit, the Panther Habit, on. For example, he can withstand blows from superhuman opponents like Killmonger.

He also boasts incredible stamina because his body eliminates the excessive buildup of fatigue toxins in his blood, granting him extreme endurance. His battle with Killmonger lasted close to 13 hours.

Moon Knight is also incredibly durable. He can withstand a great deal of damage, more than even the Black Panther. For example, he survived being impaled by swords, taking bullets, and falling several stories. He was also able to keep fighting when the Jackal bit part of his face off.


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He also has near-superhuman stamina and endurance. He can go for hours, exerting himself before his body starts to produce fatigue toxins.

Moon Knight wins this round. This is because his durability and stamina are near superhuman. While Black Panther is durable and has incredible stamina, his level doesn’t compare to Moon Knights, whose powers increase in the moonlight.

Point: Black Panther (3:2) Moon Knight

Moon Knight vs. Black Panther: Who wins?

Ultimately, Black Panther would win in a fight against Moon Knight, though this would be a close call. There would still be an opportunity for Mon Knight to beat T’Challa, thanks to his superior strength, durability, and stamina. However, Black Panther wins in this particular case for several reasons.

For starters, he has a genius-level intellect that would play a huge part in his battle with Moon Knight, whose insanity would somewhat hinder him. The amount of technology at T’Challa’s disposal would also help a great deal in this battle. Vibranium is also more versatile than Adamantium and would aid T’Challa in defeating Moon Knight.

At times, Moon Knight’s powers and abilities are usually dependent on the moonlight, while Black Panther’s powers are in his blood thanks to the Heart-Shaped Herb. This gives Black Panther a bit of an edge. All in all, this would be an incredibly close fight.

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