All 8 Moon Knight’s Personalities Explained

moon knight personalities
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Moon Knight is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics because he is incredibly relatable and is one of the coolest antiheroes you can find in any comic book universe. But the fact that Moon Knight has many different personalities makes him incredibly unique compared to many other comic book characters. Each of these personalities distinguishes itself differently. But how many personalities does Moon Knight have?

In total, Moon Knight has eight personalities, but there’s a catch. Five of those personalities are Moon Knight’s main personas, and the other three are merely offshoots of his illness, the Dissociative identity disorder commonly known as DID. In that regard, all of the other personalities he developed were mimicked and not real ones. Only five personalities are real.

There are many things to love about Moon Knight, and the fact that he can be one person today and another person tomorrow makes him incredibly famous and intriguing as a character. As such, his different personalities all have their own unique traits and behavior. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Moon Knight’s different personalities.

How Many Personalities Does Moon Knight Have?

In the world of comic books, there are a lot of characters that we can call antiheroes because of the fact that they don’t always follow the conventional standards of what a hero is and how a hero should be acting. But while many of the antiheroes we see tend to have a lot of similarities with one another, no hero has ever been quite similar to Moon Knight.

The reason why Moon Knight is so unique as a character is the fact that he suffers from an illness called dissociative identity disorder or DID. This disorder creates different personalities that are unique and unique in the sense that they don’t associate themselves with the other personalities.

moon knight personalities

In Moon Knight’s case, he tends to develop different habits and traits depending on the personality that’s in control over the body. That is why he can be someone today and a different person tomorrow. But how many personalities does Moon Knight have?

If we count the Moon Knight’s personality and the main personality, he has five different personalities. However, if we count the ones that aren’t actually true personalities but are simply personalities that Moon Knight mimicked during some of the runs of the characters, then he would have a total of eight different personalities in the comics right now.


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In that regard, Moon Knight has a lot of different personalities that he tends to use from time to time. But only the five main personalities are the ones that are often shown in the comics, and all five of them have appeared in the MCU version of Moon Knight as well.

Moon Knight Personalities Explained

Now that we know that Moon Knight has a lot of different personalities, let’s get to know each of them individually to understand who they are and how unique they are compared to the other personalities of the character.

Marc Spector

Marc Spector

The main personality that Moon Knight has is Marc Spector, who is in control over the body and was granted by Khonshu the powers of the Moon Knight. In that regard, this is the personality that the character was born with. However, because of different incidents that happened in his life, Spector unwittingly developed all of his other personalities.

Throughout the years, how Marc Spector’s history has been depicted can be quite different. In the original run, Spector was a mercenary forced to forget about his identity because of the heinous crimes he committed while on the job. During a mission that injured him fatally, he eventually came across the Egyptian god Khonshu, who allowed him to live using the powers of the Moon Knight, the god’s avatar on Earth.

Steven Grant


In the MCU version of Moon Knight, Steven Grant was the first personality we got to meet, as those unfamiliar with Moon Knight thought that this was the character’s actual personality. Nevertheless, like all of the other personalities, Steven Grant is merely an offshoot of Marc Spector’s illness.

The way that Steven Grant has been portrayed can be quite different. In the MCU, Steven Grant is a history nerd who works at a museum in London. However, in the comics, he can be quite different because of the fact that he was actually a rich millionaire who funded the things that Moon Knight did. But the latest version of Steven Grant is that of an alternate personality that he developed as a child, which is why Marc Spector is so close to this personality.


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Jake Lockley


Jake Lockley is one of the most popular identities that Moon Knight has because of the fact that this is the one that comes with the true antihero personality that makes the character so intriguing and mysterious. Of course, we met Jake Lockley in the final portions of the ‘Moon Knight’ MCU series on Disney+.

In the comics, Jake Lockley is actually a street-smart man who works as a taxi driver in New York City so that he can get close to people on the street and even obtain information that only taxi drivers tend to overhear. But similar to the MCU version, Lockley is the most brutal and aggressive of all of Moon Knight’s personalities as he can be quite ruthless compared to Marc Spector and Steven Grant. This is why he is so popular, as he is, in every sense, an antihero.

Moon Knight

moon knight

While the Moon Knight personality isn’t really a true identity in the sense that it is separate from Marc Spector, it is still one of the identities that the character adapts from time to time. Of course, this is the most recognizable personality for comic book fans because of the fact that this is the personality that actually fights crime and villains.

The Moon Knight’s personality may vary depending on who is under the mask, but we know that this is the persona that Marc Spector adopted when he obtained his powers from Khonshu and took on the life of a crime-fighting hero. Of course, depending on who is actually controlling the Moon Knight form, the way this character fights crime can be different, as Jake Lockley tends to be the most brutal.

Mr. Knight

mr knight

Mr. Knight was one of the five forms of Moon Knight that we saw in the MCU version of Moon Knight. But the thing is that the way that Mr. Knight was portrayed in the MCU is different in the comics. In the MCU, Mr. Knight is the Moon Knight form of Steven Grant, as he literally wore a suit when Layla told him to wear the suit. However, in the comics, he has an entirely different personality.

In the comics, Mr. Knight is actually one of the newest personas of Moon Knight, as he was introduced only in 2014. This character acts as the “face” of the Moon Knight character because he is the one who works with the authorities to solve crimes and is also the one who speaks to local reporters. Because of this, he insists on being called Mr. Knight whenever he is in his Mr. Knight outfit.


spider moon knight

As we all know, Spider-Man is an entirely different superhero that’s regarded as one of the most popular superheroes ever. In that regard, he is not a personality created by Moon Knight but is merely one he adopted during Brian Michael Bendis’s run as the writer of Moon Knight’s comic books.

In Bendis’s storylines, it was revealed that Moon Knight adopted identities and personalities that he mimicked from the three heroes that he admired the most. As such, he took on the Spider-Man persona, which allowed him to become a better hero during one of the most difficult parts of Marc Spector’s life. Of course, he created a replica Spider-Man suit that allowed him to look like the web-crawling superhero.


moon knight claws

As mentioned, Bendis created a storyline wherein Moon Knight mimicked the personalities of the three superheroes that he admired the most. One of them was Wolverine, who we all know is one of the main characters of the X-Men comic book series and is one of the most popular mutants of all time. In that regard, Moon Knight also tried to look like Wolverine.

In this form, he used three metallic claws on a glove that he developed himself. While these claws weren’t even close to Wolverine’s adamantium claws, Moon Knight became much more brutal now that he had metal claws on his fists. Of course, during this run, the Wolverine personality was quite violent and fatal to the point that it actually argued a lot with Spider-Man and the third mimicked personality we have on this list. In many ways, the Wolverine personality is closer to Marc Spector’s true personality than the other personalities he developed and mimicked.


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Captain America

captain america

Finally, we have the Captain America personality, one of the three personalities that Moon Knight developed when he wanted to become more like the three characters he admired the most. In fact, the three personalities he mimicked replaced Steven Grant and Jake Lockley when Marc Spector transferred to the West Coast. 

Of course, Marc Spector admired Captain America a lot after working with him in the Secret Avengers, which allowed him to adopt the same kind of personality that Steve Rogers had.

While Moon Knight is in his Captain America form, he almost always takes the moral high ground, as that was what Steve Rogers would have done. As such, he always wants to do what is right instead of brutalizing or even killing his enemies. And he even developed a special shield that allowed him to look and fight like Captain America.

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