Morena Baccarin Confirms She Will Return to ‘Deadpool 3’ as Vanessa

morena baccarin returing as vanessa
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Out of all upcoming MCU movies, ‘Deadpool 3’ generates the most hype out of all of them, and for a good reason. We’ve yet to see a Deadpool movie that disappointed the audience; the series so far has a perfect lead, perfect cast, and perfect balance of action and humor, and its take on Marvel’s most notable anti-hero is simply phenomenal.   

In fact, according to some rumors, Marvel Studios is considering releasing only ‘Deadpool 3’ in 2024 since it puts a lot of hope in the movie’s potential to restore the hype and faith in the MCU. We’re bombarded with leaks and rumors regarding ‘Deadpool 3’ almost on a daily basis, which even prompted Ryan Reynolds to ask his fanbase to tone it down a little bit before he went on to create a series of his own “leaks.”  

One of the most notable leaks in the past was that Morena Baccarin is returning to her role as Vanessa, and as of yesterday, this is no longer a rumor since the actress herself confirmed the return. In her interview with Josh Wilding, Baccarin confirmed that she is returning to the threequel. You can check out the whole interview in the video below.

Vanessa was the love of Wade Wilson’s life before he became Deadpool, and his shame regarding his new appearance kept them separated for the majority of the first movie, with Ajax going as far as to kidnap her to stop Deadpool from getting his vengeance and hurting him further. 


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Then, in the second movie, Deadpool and Vanessa are finally living their dream life when Deadpool’s assignment goes wrong, and Vanessa is fatally shot just as they got engaged. She was absent for the majority of the movie but was a huge driver in Deadpool’s mission to, well, kill himself to be reunited with her. 

The fans immediately started speculating that bringing back Vanessa from the dead or stopping her death in the first place might be a massive reason why Deadpool will start messing up Multiverse in the first place. He has had a bad time coping with her death, being as mentally unstable as he is, so it’s not that far-fetched that he will put several timelines at risk to have her back. 

It’s a solid theory in any case, and we’re glad to see Deadpool’s most notable love interest in the movies back. 

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