‘My Adventures with Superman’ Season 1 Review

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It goes without saying that Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes that ever graced the pages of various comic issues and was always a welcomed appearance in other media. Kal-El was sent to Earth when he was just a baby, and nothing was the same after that, not for him or the people of Earth. Over decades, we’ve seen many iterations of Superman’s storyline and character, and it is fair to say that this Kryptonian became a legend, not just in fiction but in the lives of real people as well. The newest addition to the vast Superman lore is ‘My Adventures with Superman,’ an animated television series that looks promising.

‘My Adventures with Superman’ was developed by Jake Wyatt and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios. The show premiered on July 7 on Adult Swim, and the first two episodes aired on Max the next day. The show’s first season consists of five episodes, with every episode being released weekly.

The cast who voiced the titular character and other main characters in the show is Jack Quaid as Clark Kent/Superman, Alice Lee as Louis Lane, and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen. Jack Quid is already familiar with starring in superhero-related shows and is best known for his role as Hugh Cambell in the show ‘The Boys’. The only difference is that in ‘The Boys’ he confronts Homelander, who is a parody of Superman, and in ‘My Adventures with Superman,’ he actually is the Man of Steel.


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Clark, Louis, and Jimmy make an interesting team; their chemistry is great. There is not much ‘beating around the bush’ in their interactions, and the storyline is straightforward, making it easy to follow from beginning to end.

The show’s main focus is Superman making his existence known to the people of Metropolis, and the reporters in Daily Planet, led by Louis Lane, trying to find out as much as possible about the new superhero in town.

The show is kid-friendly, meaning there are no profanity or bloody scenes. The storyline is fully animated, and comedy scenes are included.

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It all begins in Smallville on Kent’s farm. A young Clark Kent, voiced by Kari Wahlgren, saves a woman and a child from crashing into a tree with a car. He then becomes aware of all the abilities he has. And as much as he’s excited and happy to have them, his confusion and identity crisis grow.

Years later, Clark and Jimmy are about to become the Daily Planet’s new interns. Things are a bit complicated as Clark tries to juggle between being an ordinary human and resisting not using his abilities when people need him. And as that is not enough, Louis enters Clark’s life, and her presence immediately smites him.

Even though she is just an intern at Daily Planet, Louis is hardworking and would do anything for a good story, no matter how dangerous that might be.

She is depicted as a dedicated and brave reporter in many Superman stories, so this does not come as a surprise. However, in ‘My Adventures with Superman, ‘ she gives the impression of an overly excited intern with problems following authority. Her character is interesting because of it, and her every interaction with Clark demonstrates their mutual affection.

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Martha and Jonathan Kent showed Clark the ship he arrived. He tried to enter it as a boy but was too scared. Years later, he made his presence known to the world when he rescued Louis from harm’s way. Naturally, many questions arose regarding his identity after, not just by the public, but Clark also wondered who he was as well.

That’s why he entered the ship and found the truth about his heritage. When he returned, he was different. He gained his costume and a new identity he could present to everyone without revealing that he was Clark Kent. It is nothing we haven’t seen, but the good thing is that this show does it straightforwardly without much philosophy behind it.


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Louis and Jimmy are all into discovering who Superman really is, which is the only thing that could impress Mr. White, Daily Planet’s editor-in-chief. However, a cold shower awaits them when they find out they did not get credit for the story about Superman.

Over the season, Louis’s and Clark’s affection intensifies, and there are also bad guys who now not only have to compete against each other but also be on the lookout for the superhero in the sky.

The show will have two seasons, and its continuation after that will depend on the success the first two seasons gain. Judging by everything so far, we can say that this series offers a delightful experience for audiences of all ages. The main characters have unique traits, making the overall storyline even better.

The production team did great with the animation quality, which remained high throughout the first season. Overall it is a fun and easygoing first season. So, if you have any doubts about whether to watch the show or not, I hope this review helps you decide!

What did you think about ‘My Adventures with Superman’ first season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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