Who Is Superman’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

superman love interests in the comics

Even though comics are mostly about action and superpowered heroes and villains, once in a while, love stories develop to showcase the human side of characters or to complicate stories even further. Superman, one of the most popular DC characters, was not immune to romance in the comics. Better known as the Man of Steel, even though incredibly powerful, Superman proved weak against the charms of several women throughout his existence in the comics. Having said that, let’s see who is Superman’s love interest in the comics.

Superman’s primary love interest in the comics is Lois Lane. The two even married and have a family together. Since Superman’s and Lois’ relationship has been on and off throughout its existence, Superman has had numerous other love interests, most notably Lana Lang and Wonder Woman.

Now that we’ve given you a brief summary of Superman’s romantic past, it’s time to analyze it more deeply. If you’re interested in the women that Superman has been dating in the comics, some of which he even married, stay with us and keep reading!

Who was Superman’s first love?

Surely the woman that Clark Kent was most connected with was Lois Lane. These two are easily the most iconic couple in comic books. But, before Clark and Lois became aware of each other, he was in love with a girl next door, Lana Lang. So Superman’s first love was Lana Lang.
Lana Lang was an early version of Lois Lane since the two have similar personalities.

Lana Lang

They are both journalists with a detective spark, trying to uncover the real identity behind Superman’s persona. Lana eventually did manage to figure it out.

The story of Lana and Clark started when he was living in Smallville, she was his teenage crush, and even though things didn’t progress to adulthood, Lana and Lois did fight for Superman. And while it was never meant to be, Lana was a huge part of forming Clark’s personality, the one we know today.

Who is Superman’s greatest love?

Now that we’ve covered Superman’s first love, it’s time to progress to his greatest love. Of course, we’re talking about Lois Lane. Lois Lane, even though sometimes portrayed as a damsel in distress, is a strong woman, ambitious, and a go-getter. In fact, when the two first met, the first thing Clark noticed was that Lois was quite competitive.

Lois Lane

She always had a knack for mysteries and detective work and spent most of her comic book history trying to prove that Clark Kent is Superman. Over Superman’s many portrayals, Lois Lane was always present. She was, however, married to other men, but eventually, the writers would always pair them back together. Superman and Lois eventually truly married, and the two have a son, Jon Kent.


Sue Storm, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, and Catie Scott

Were Superman and Wonder Woman in love?

Wonder Woman is the third notable romantic interest that Superman had. The two got together in quite a familiar way. Ironically enough, the person who pushed Wonder Woman into Superman’s arms was her love interest, Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman felt like no one understood her. She was an intruder in the world of mortals, overpowered, sometimes resented, and sometimes an object of envy and a bit of fear.

Wonder Woman

Superman completely understood what she was talking about because of the fact that he was a stranger in this world as well. The two of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe eventually bonded over their same destiny and the fact that no one knew what it’s like to be a superhero. The relationship did not last and was erased. However, in the Kingdom Come storyline, they do end up together. They get married and have kids of their own.

Who else has Superman dated?

Even his most serious relationships, the ones with Lois Lane and Wonder Woman, were mostly on again off again in nature. This left him plenty of time to date other gals. Some of them were superheroes in their own right. Let’s see who Superman dated in the comics.

Lori Lemaris

Every Superhero has at least one bizarre relationship. We’ve mentioned Thor’s relationship with Bloodaxe in previous posts, and now it’s time to look at Superman’s bizarre love interest. We’re talking about a mermaid, Lori Lemaris.
Lori and Clark met while they were in college together. Lori was aware that Clark was Superman because her species had telepathic abilities. You see, Lori was a mermaid from an undersea city called Tritonis.

Lori Lemaris

She managed to hide the fact that she was a mermaid by being in a wheelchair all the time, covered with a blanket. However, she needed water, so she often had to leave her dates with Clark early.
Clark even proposed to Lori, but she wisely declined. Clark wouldn’t take no for an answer. After some snooping around, he found out that she was a mermaid. Naturally, the two broke it off amicably.


Maxima was introduced as a princess of Almerac. She was a warrior princess in search of a strong, genetically compatible (and superior mate) that would give her strong children to continue the royal line of Almerac. In most stories, her primary motivation is to get hitched to Superman so she can get super babies. Superman, of course, declines every time, unflattered by the morally dubious prepositions.

So why is Maxima on this list? Because there is one story in which Maxima and Superman did end up together, one Elseworlds story shows that Superman married Maxima after Lois Lane died while she was pregnant with Clark’s child.
Maxima saved Superman as he was floating in space, attacked by enemies of Almerac. She changes her attitude a bit, and eventually, the two decide to protect the universe together.

Luma Lynai

Superman was so lonely at one point that he used the same tactics as Maxima to find himself a “perfect superpowered mate.” Eventually, he found one, a superwoman hailing from the planet Staryl named Luma Lynai. Luma’s powers worked in a similar way to Superman’s.

Luma Lynai

She was empowered by the orange sun, however. The relationship between the two blossomed immediately but eventually fell apart when they found out that Luma had no powers on Earth. Similarly, Clark’s powers on Staryl were likewise weaker.


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Lyla Lerrol

Lyla Lerrol and Superman got involved after he time-traveled back in time and found himself on Krypton. There he met a charming and beautiful actress called Lyla Lerrol. The relationship ended when Krypton inevitably got destroyed. In modern versions, Lyla was a Kandorian empath who tried to use Superman and his powers to conquer Earth.

Lyla Lerrol

As you can see, Superman has a pretty colorful dating history, and most of the names on the lists are familiar to fans due to being truly legendary. Superman also dated other women, but those romances were mostly flings and short-lived.
However, Superman’s primary love interest always has been Losi Lane, and in most stories, the two eventually find their way back to each other. Regarding the significance of relationships, Lois Lane is followed by Lana Lang and Wonder Woman.

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