8 New DC Actors Officially Confirmed by James Gunn

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We all know that the DCEU is getting rebooted, in a way, becoming the DCU. That means most of the cast members will be changed as well, with new faces coming in and old faces going out. 

We also know that the first post-reboot DCU project will be Creature Commandos – an animated series with tons of new characters that’ll sporadically cross over into live-action projects (yet to be announced which and when). And finally, the first cast member’s name has been announced recently – Frank Grillo, who’ll portray Rick Flag Sr. in the animated show.

Now, James Gunn pulled the trigger on Twitter and announced eight – yes, eight – new names tied to the show, as well as their roles.

“And in addition to Grillo, welcome David Harbour as Frankenstein, Indira Varma as the Bride, 

[Alan Tudyk] as Dr. Phosphorous, [Maria Bakalova] as Ilana Rostovic, [Sean Gunn] as GI Robot & Weasel, Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky and [Steve Agee] returning as John Economos.”

As you might’ve noticed, some of these names already appeared in the MCU, like David Harbour (Red Guardian) and Sean Gunn (Kraglin), so naturally, it made fans wonder – will those same actors appear in live action in the DCU as well?


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Will cast members from Creature Commandos appear in live-action?

We’ve already seen James’ brother, Sean Gunn, appear in live-action in Suicide Squad as Weasel, so he’ll essentially reprise his role in the animated series while also voicing the GI Robot. Whether Weasel will appear in live-action again is unconfirmed.

Another guy that already played a live-action role in the DCEU is Steve Agee, and he’ll reprise his role as John Economos in the animated series. But, again, will he reappear in live-action? It could be, but it’s not confirmed.

In any case, all we know is what Gunn chose to share – answering the question on Twitter asking if those cast members will appear in live-action, James responded with another Tweet:

“Some of them, yes, are already a part of live-action plans.”

Will Ron Perlman play a role in Creature Commandos?

Rumors are swirling online about Ron Perlman landing a role in Creature Commandos, so again, fans asked James Gunn about the actor’s potential character in the series.

Well, the response will certainly disappoint some fans, but teach a valuable lesson as well – don’t trust online rumors, as they are most likely not true:

“Ron Perlman is an actor I love but he isn’t on the show and he and I never even talked about him being on the show. It might be better if folks stopped believing rumors. If it doesn’t come from me or DC, it’s not to be believed.”

So, there you have it, folks. Eight new names have been confirmed, but Ron isn’t one of them.

Creature Commandos is expected to premiere somewhere in 2024.

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