Nightwing Finally Gets Superpowers and a New Costume

Nightwing Finally Gets Superpowers and a New Costume

Nightwing is one of the most popular superheroes in DC Comics. Dick Grayson is the “good boy” of DC’s superheroes, a quirky one of the Bat Family, and the protector with a determination made of steel. Of course, Nightwing’s accolades as a superhero are also noteworthy, with some of them including the leadership of Teen Titans, Titans, and Outsiders. In the most recent comic book story Nightwing, issue #103, Nightwing and the Titans investigate Grinning Man, a mysterious being killing everyone in its sight, where Nightwing gets a little “upgrade” from Neron.

In Nightwing, issue #103, the titular superhero gets new powers after the Lord of Hell, Neron, talks with Grayson and questions him about his value in the team of superpowered individuals. After Nightwing attempts to save a young girl named Olivia Desmond from her demise at the hands of the Lord of Hell himself, Neron offers Nightwing a taste of Kryptonian power to tempt Nightwing from “endangering” his plans he arranged with Roland Desmond, known as Blockbuster, who is also Olivia’s father. The chapter ends with Nightwing floating and wearing the upgraded version of his already existing superhero costume, which reminds us of the older versions of the character.

We will discuss this topic more by mentioning the storyline regarding Nightwing and Neron and how Grayson got new powers. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Nightwing and the Titans investigate the mysterious killer, Grinning Man

As mentioned, Nightwing is one of the oldest and simultaneously most popular characters of DC Comics. Throughout history, Dick Grayson underwent a few changes, but the most important was his transition from Robin to Nightwing. Moving away from the role of Batman’s sidekick was historic for DC Comics, and it did wonders for Grayson’s character. After becoming the leader of Teen Titans, Nightwing became part of the Justice League, Young Justice, and became the leader of the Titans.

Nightwing Finally Gets Superpowers and a New Costume
Neron tempts Nightwing with superpowers.

Besides becoming a leader, Dick Grayson became a mentor for new Robins and a skillful detective who can only be matched by his father, Batman. However, his incredible strength and determination to protect others are clearly seen in this comic book run that started in 2016. Writers C. S. Pacat and Tom Taylor created an incredible story of Dick Grayson, which critics and fans highly rate, and this particular storyline is quite cool.

In this particular comic book series, Nightwing and the Titans travel to Hell to investigate Neron’s contract with Blockbuster for Olivia Desmond’s soul. Simultaneously, Donna Troy, Batgirl, and Starfire take Olivia to Themyscira to protect her.


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The Lord of Hell, Neron, is under attack from Blaze, an alien demon who wants to use Neron’s failure to acquire Olivia to challenge his leadership. This moment forces Neron to go to Earth by himself and take Olivia, but the Titans are in his way.

To stop Neron from taking the young girl, Titans infiltrate Neron’s tower to acquire the contract, and Nightwing uses his detective skills to find a way to save Olivia from the Demon.

Nightwing briefly gets new powers

Of course, nothing ever comes easy in the comics, and Neron uses Grinning Man to discover where Olivia is and sends demons on Themsycira to distract the Olympians.

While Donna Troy, Starfire, and Batgirl watch over Wonder Woman, training Olivia to fight, suddenly Diana hits the young girl stronger than intended and is revealed that the Princess of Themyscira is actually Grinning Man.

Nightwing Finally Gets Superpowers and a New Costume
The powered Nightwing suit references the classic Nightwing suit from the 1980s.

Of course, Barbara Gordon tells the Titans what’s going on, and Nightwing thinks of how to save Olivia – he will put himself as the girl’s temporary guardian to stop Neron from taking her to Hell.

However, Neron is the Lord of Hell and arrives to meet Nightwing. Despite being impressed by Nightwing’s strategy, Neron uses one of his most devastating tactics – persuasion and temptation. He starts to manipulate Nightwing by putting doubts in his ability – Nightwing doesn’t have powers, so he has to compensate for his “deficiencies” by working the hardest to protect everyone. Nightwing doesn’t have the powers of Starfire or Beast Boy, who can use their powers and solve situations out of their control quickly.


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Nightwing listens closely to what Neron’s saying, but the crucial moment arrives – Neron offers Nightwing the powers of Kryptonian to exchange Olivia’s soul.

Dick Grayson briefly becomes a powered Nightwing with superpowers and an upgraded suite, which does reference the classic look of Dick Grayson from the 1980s – the yellow with blue coloring, which looks absolutely amazing.

We see Nightwing with powers, but the comic book panel stops there, and issue #104 cannot come anytime sooner. Nightwing’s brief powers could become permanent (for this storyline in particular), which could be pivotal for the Titans’ journey to Hel

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