Odin vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Fight, All-Father or the Mad Titan?

Odin vs. Thanos Who Would Win in a Fight All Father or the Mad Titan

Marvel Universe has its fair share of powerhouses, from cosmic entities to gods, Thanos and Odin, when it comes to their powers, stand out from the rest. Thanos is known as the Mad Titan, obsessed with Death, wielding powers capable of enslaving entire species. On the other hand, Odin is known as the protector of the Ten Realms for a reason. Belonging to a powerful race whose members are worshiped as gods, Odin’s powers are dwarfed only by his wisdom. With everything said, when it comes to a battle between Odin and Thanos, who is stronger, and who would win? 

Odin would win in a fight against Thanos. Odin overpowers Thanos at almost every turn. He is more intelligent, durable, and faster, and his centuries of warfare led to more advanced combat skills. Thanos fears Odin due to his vast potential to utilize mystical powers, and when the two battled in the comics, Thanos lost by a huge margin. 

Now that we’ve briefly covered the answer to our initial question, it’s time to analyze the fight in more detail. We’re going to compare Odins and Thanos’ powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Thanos’ powers center around his ability to control and emit energy, giving him access to various mystical abilities. He can produce force fields, alter matter, and distort reality. Additionally, he has high resistance to mental attacks and is proficient in telepathy and mental manipulation. He can also attack an opponent’s mind by inducing madness and distorting their senses. Thanos can produce powerful energy blasts and fire heat beams from his eyes strong enough to knock back the likes of Thor, Hulk, and Silver Surfer. Overall, Thanos can be considered a destructive force of nature. 

Thanos energy manipulation

On the other hand, Odin has a vast arsenal of powers and abilities, but it’s enough if we only mention Odinforce. The Odinforce is a cosmic source of power. This powerful force grants Odin immense strength, durability, and energy projection abilities, as well as the ability to manipulate matter and control the elements. The Odinforce is considered one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel universe and is often depicted as integral to the protection and stability of Asgard and the Ten Realms.


It is said that the Odinforce represents Odin’s wisdom and experience and increases in strength every time Odin acquires new knowledge or experiences. With Odinforce, Odin can destroy entire realms, create impenetrable shields, and defeat even the most powerful Marvel entities. 

Thanos might be strong, but Odinforce is beyond Thanos’ comprehension. The point goes to Odin. 

Points: Thanos (0:1) Odin


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Strength and Stamina 

Thanos has immeasurable strength at his disposal, and the limit of how much he can lift is not fully known. Despite being stronger than an average Eternal, Thanos can augment his strength by using cosmic forces. He proved time and time again that he is among the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe by lifting the Galactus Engine and overpowering Thor and Silver Surfer. His Eternal/Deviant physiology provides him with near-infinite reserves of stamina. This means even when he uses the full scope of his powers and nearly the full scope of his strength, he will rarely get tired. 

Thanos punches away hulk

Odin is an Asgardian and not just your average run-of-the-mill Asgardian. He is the most powerful representative of the race. During his prime, Odin could lift around 90 tons, which was closer to 60 tons right before his eventual Death. This kind of strength is unimaginable to both regular human beings and Asgardians. Odin likewise has access to superhuman stamina reserves, being able to exert himself for months before becoming tired and needing to slow down. 

Odin splits a mountain in two

Even though Odin is the most powerful Asgardian, his physical strength can’t compare to limitless Thanos. This point goes to the Mad Titan. 

Points: Thanos (1:1) Odin


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Despite being bulky, Thanos can move at incredible speeds. His combat reflexes and agility are unmatched. His movement speed is not limited to the ground as Thanos can fly at blinding speed, and if he needs to traverse cosmic distances, he can simply teleport. Thanos is by no means the fastest character in the comics. Still, he can move at unattainable speeds to most other characters.


Odin is far faster than the average human being. He is far faster than the average Asgardian as well. While flying, he can easily speed-blitz even the fastest threats. His combat speeds and agility can easily reach the speed of light. Odin can further enhance his speed by using the Odinforce, just like any other aspect of his character. Like Thanos, Odin can teleport and reach the farthest corner of reality at the speed of a single thought. 

Even though both are fast, Odin seems slightly faster than Thanos, so the speed point goes to the All-Father. 

Points: Thanos (1:2) Odin


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Thanos is virtually indestructible. At some point, even Death barred him from dying. His enhanced Eternal/Deviant physiology allows him to tank incredible damage. Even though it’s possible to injure him, his healing factor can repair even the most severe damage in seconds. Thanos is also immune to diseases, poisons, viruses, and other “human” calamities. 

Thanos immune to tribunal

Odin is not immortal, but considering the average Asgardian lifespan, he is close to being so. Odin has an extremely durable body that can withstand extreme impacts, temperatures, pressures, heights, and energy blasts from cosmic-level entities. Still, his invincibility is unclear due to his extremely fast healing factor. Odin can recover within seconds after losing a limb or an entire organ. If Odin sustains grave enough damage, he needs to retreat to Odinsleep to replenish his powers and longevity. 

Odin resists Hela

Odin and Thanos are incredibly difficult to defeat, but the limits of Odin’s invulnerability are unknown. The point goes to Odin. 

Points: Thanos (1:3) Odin


Thanos is regarded among the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, with nearly omniscient knowledge, capable of constructing a time machine, and claiming to possess a complete understanding of various artifacts. He is a master strategist, able to predict his opponents’ moves and exploit their weaknesses. Despite facing unfavorable odds, Thanos consistently overcomes challenges through his exceptional planning skills and unwavering willpower. It’s part of what makes Thanos so deadly, his willpower and intelligence to go through with the impossible plans. 

Thanos creates Thanos

We’ve mentioned Odin’s Odinforce as his most lethal force, but his wisdom truly dwarfs his cosmic source of power. I mean, Odin is the god of wisdom. His vast knowledge and understanding of the universe and reality are unmatched. Even when compared to the likes of Thanos. This point easily goes to Odin. 

Points: Thanos (1:4) Odin

Combat Skills 

Thanos is regarded as one of Marvel’s finest fighters. He was trained in all imaginable forms of armed and unarmed combat techniques since youth at his home world of Titan. His skill and centuries-long experience allowed him to best even the most skilled martial artist and combatants in the Marvel universe. Thanos excels at fist-fighting, but when armed with his blade. He is a lethal force of great destruction. Paired with his deadly instincts and lightning-fast reflexes, finding an opponent with a chance against him would take a lot of work. 

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Odin comes from a race of warriors, experts in all imaginable forms of combat. He excels at both hand-to-hand combat and has deep knowledge of various weaponry. Odin was highly skilled in utilizing Asgardian magic and energy powers in combat, surpassing even the abilities of prominent magicians such as Karnilla and the Enchantress. His millennia of experience fighting and conquering realms makes Odin especially formidable. 

Odin warfare

Even though Thanos is a master combatant, he was not even born when Odin started excelling at combat and warfare in general. This point goes to Odin. 

Points: Thanos (1:5) Odin


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Odin vs. Thanos: Who is stronger, and who wins?

Based on the analysis of powers, speed, strength, durability, and combat, we can safely say that Odin is stronger than Thanos and outmatches him in almost every aspect. Thanos might be among the most feared villains in the Marvel Universe, but he comes nowhere near when compared to All-Father Odin. Odin has Odinforce at his disposal, an incredibly powerful energy source that counters anything Thanos can throw his way. He is faster, more intelligent, and almost indestructible. Likewise, Odin’s long history of leading wars and conquering realms gives him a lethal advantage in combat. The fight would be highly destructive, but Odin wins every time. 

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