Namor vs. Thanos: Who Wins the Fight & How?

Namor vs. Thanos Who Wins the Fight and How

Marvel Universe is home to many powerful characters. Two of the most fearsome and formidable beings in this universe are Namor and Thanos, two characters whose intense power, cunning, and raw strength have made them legends in their own right. Thanos is a villain powerful enough to boast mastery of cosmic powers and, sometimes, even command of reality. Namor has the ultimate command over one of nature’s most destructive elements, water. With everything said, we’ve decided to compare the mighty characters to see, when it comes to a battle between Thanos and Namor, who wins the fight and how? 

Thanos wins in a battle against Namor. Thanos’ powers are more versatile than those of Namor. He is likewise stronger and faster (at least on land). Namor has quite the advantage in aquatic combat, which he would win. Still, his dependence on the water makes him extremely vulnerable the longer he is outside of his element, and it’s certainly something, given the opportunity, Thanos would utilize. The two fought in the comics before, with Thanos annihilating Namor, proving that he is simply on another level in terms of powers. 

Now that we’ve given you a summary of how to fight would play out, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. We’re going to compare powers, abilities, strength, durability, and other aspects of both Namor and Thanos so you can see how we’ve come to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Thanos’ powers and abilities center around energy projection and manipulation. With vast reserves of mystical energy at his disposal, he can create force fields, alter matter, and distort reality. He is highly resistant to most mental attacks and possesses advanced telepathy and mind control skills. He can attack his enemies by inducing madness and manipulating their senses, making him a fearsome opponent without physical combat.

Thanos energy blast

Namor is a known hybrid between Homo mermanus and Homo superior physiologies. Due to this, he inherited the best of both worlds. He is the finest specimen of Atlantean species and is regarded as an Alpha-level mutant. Besides his physical abilities, Namor is most known for his amphibious physiological adaptation, which means he can withstand the most extreme water conditions and survive indefinitely on water and land. He can communicate telepathically with marine life, and in some instances, he could affect Atlantean men with his telepathic abilities.

Namor summons powerful waves

Namor can likewise manipulate the weather to rain destructive torrents of rain and induce terrible winds over a certain area. He was also proven to have hydrokinetic powers, being able to manipulate incredible quantities of water to utilize it in both an offensive and defensive manner. 

Namor might be a master of water with highly advanced physiology, but his powers and abilities simply do not come anywhere near what Thanos can do. This point goes to Mad Titan

Points: Namor(0:1) Thanos


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Strength and Stamina 

Thanos has incredible strength at his disposal, and the exact limits to what he can lift are likely unknown. He was consistently seen overpowering both Thor and Hulk, considered among the strongest beings in Marvel Universe. Thanos’ unique physiology as a combination of an Eternal and a Deviant means that he produces very little fatigue toxins, allowing him to use his mystical abilities without experiencing exhaustion. 

Thanos breaks Ronans weapon in half

Namor likewise has a unique physiology. We’ve already mentioned that he is a hybrid between an Atlantean and a mutant. While his mutant side gave him some extra powers and abilities, his Atlantean side blessed him with incredible strength. Namor can lift thousands of tons, and in the comics, he was seen standing his ground against some of Marvel’s most powerful characters, such as Hulk, Sentry, Thor, and The Thing.

Namor throws Ares

His physiology also produces very few fatigue toxins, which enables him to utilize his strength and other powers for a long time before he starts feeling the effects of exhaustion. He can fight for at least 24 hours before he starts feeling weak and exhausted. However, his massive stamina and overwhelming strength greatly depend on his contact with the water. The longer Namor is out of the water, the weaker he becomes. We’ve seen Wakandans utilizing this very serious weakness in the MCU to defeat him. Due to this, the point goes to Thanos since he has no such limits to his strength and stamina. 

Points: Namor(0:2) Thanos


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Thanos might not be the fastest character in the Marvel universe, but he has certainly proved over time that he can move faster than we would imagine considering his bulky frame. He was shown to achieve great speeds while moving, and in combat, he has superior reflexes able to counter even the most experienced fighters with cat-like reflexes. Thanos can also fly and use teleportation to cover great, even cosmic, distances. 


Namor is likewise extremely fast. Time and time again, he proved that he could achieve speeds much greater than the finest human athletes. Namor is, however, fastest when swimming and generally moving underwater, achieving 300 knots or 345 mph speeds. Namor has extremely fast reflexes, and he was shown to be able to fly, which is one trait that cannot be explained either by his mutant or by his Atlantean physiology. While flying, Namor is extremely fast, faster than military aircraft. 

Namor flying

Namor is undoubtedly faster than Thanos in water, and his flying speeds are legendary. This point goes to him. 

Points: Namor(1:2) Thanos


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Compared to the other members of his race, the Eternals, Thanos is nearly indestructible, with a high level of immunity to poisons, diseases, and most forms of damage. He has been deemed immortal by Death herself, and even if he were to die, it would be only temporary, as he would eventually return. This makes Thanos a nearly invulnerable force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe. Thanos managed to shrug off attacks by the universe’s most powerful cosmic beings, with his rapid healing factor able to repair even the most severe damage. 

Namor breaks every bone in his hand by hitting thanos

Namor can likewise endure extreme traumas and a wide range of attacks. He is known to be able to sustain bullets, great falls, and extreme environments without suffering any significant damage. This is due to his bodily tissues being much harder when compared to a regular human being, even when compared to a regular Atlantean. He has shown impressive radiation absorption abilities to some extent and manifested an incredibly fast healing factor. But like most of Namor’s abilities, his healing works best when exposed to water. The longer he is out of the water, the weaker it becomes. When Namor is completely dry, he is extremely subjected to injuries. 

Namor might be difficult to kill as long as he has access to water, but he still can’t compare to Thanos in terms of durability. This point goes to Thanos. 

Points: Namor(1:3) Thanos


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Thanos is regarded as one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe. Thanos is well-known for his exceptional intelligence and ability to predict future events. He was recognized as one of the most intellectually gifted among the Eternals from a young age and is widely considered the most intelligent. With his sharp perception and logical reasoning skills, Thanos could anticipate the collapse of his home planet, Titan, due to overpopulation and resource depletion. Throughout his life, he has proven to have exceptional critical thinking abilities and a knack for making calculated decisions, allowing him to always stay a step ahead.

Thanos creates Thanos

Namor is an expert tactician and a highly skilled leader to his people. He has shown an incredible ability to adapt to the most impossible of situations and was shown on occasions to tinker with the Atlantean technology meaning that he has some knowledge and insight related to it. 

Even though he is more intelligent when compared to a regular human being (or even an Atlantean), he still can’t measure with Thanos when it comes to the battle of wits. 

Points: Namor(1:4) Thanos

Combat Skills 

Thanos is widely known as a formidable fighter, skilled in various fighting styles and weapons. He is particularly adept in using weapons, such as his double-edged sword, and has defeated some of the strongest martial artists in the Marvel Universe. His hand-to-hand combat abilities are noteworthy, as he defeated Hulk and easily overpowered Black Panther.

Thanos punches through star lord

Even without weapons, Thanos presents a significant challenge to his opponents, but he becomes nearly unbeatable when armed. This is due to his mastery of combat and his millennia of experience and formal training on his home planet of Titan, where he shaped himself into the formidable opponent he is today.

Namor catches Ares axe thrown from behind

Namor is a skilled fighter on land and in water. He is near-invincible due to his incredible aquatic adaptation and senses that are fine-tuned to such an environment. Namor was able to take on some of Marvel’s finest combatants and stand his ground. The outcome of fist-fight between Thanos and Namor would depend on whether it is underwater or on land, with Namor having a significant advantage in water and the same being true for Thanos on land. Since Thanos and Namor are capable fighters, we will split this point between them. 

Points: Namor(2:5) Thanos


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Namor vs. Thanos: Who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

With everything analyzed, it’s clear that Thanos would destroy Namor. Thanos proved superior in almost all analyzed categories, and no matter what Namor has in his arsenal, Thanos can easily counter it. Thanos has more versatile powers and abilities. He is stronger, more durable, and more intelligent than Namor. Thanos wouldn’t fare so well in water, and Namor might be able to take that fight, but on land, Thanos would sweep the floor with Namor.

Thanos annihilate Namor

Namor suffers from one crippling weakness. For his powers to be most potent, he needs to be submerged in water regularly. If Namor were to be separated from water for a long period, he would be extremely weak. Not having access to his strength, stamina, and his fast healing factor. This is something that Thanos would, without a doubt, use to his advantage. 

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