Ralph Ineson Teases Comic-Accurate Galactus Along With Confirmation of the Role

ralph ineson cast as Galactus

‘Fantastic Four’ is currently the hottest upcoming MCU movie only a few months ago the release date and cast were announced, confirming what we’ve known for quite a while. Pedro Pascal will be MCU’s new Reed Richards, with Vanessa Kirby taking on the role of Sue Storm. The Thing and the Human Torch will be played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Joseph Quinn respectively. Julia Garner will be playing MCU’s version of Silver Surfer.

Only a few days ago, we got a new round of casting announcements. Ralph Ineson has been cast as Galactus, and John Malkovich along with Paul Walter Hauser have been cast in as of yet undisclosed roles.

Now after the dust has settled, Ineson took to social media to confirm that he is in fact the movie’s big villain as well as a tease for fans indicating a comic-accurate portrayal in the movie:

This will not be the first time that Galactus has been portrayed in live-action. Galactus appeared in ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’ as a disembodied cloud of cosmic matter. His signature helmet appears later in the movie. And to say the least, fans were disappointed. I mean, it was one of the reasons why fans were disappointed, but on the other hand, it was really brave to include Galactus in the first place.

There’s also an unused storyboard scene created by Anthony Winn which revealed that Galactus was supposed to be featured in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ as one of the villains that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor would have fought as soon as she acquired Mjolnir.

Galactus thor love and thunder

In any case, we can hope for a much better portrays in ‘The Fantastic Four’ than we saw in the past, mostly due to advancements in CGI.

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