30 Richest Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

richest superheroes

The world of comic books is actually one that’s full of some of the wealthiest people you can think of. After all, one person would have to be extremely rich to be able to do all of the things that they do whenever they are fighting crime. Of course, some of these characters aren’t exactly superheroes but are actually villains that have become good guys in the past or are more of antiheroes.

Whatever the case may be, the one thing that we can be sure of is that there are plenty of incredibly rich characters in the world of comic books. Most of these characters use their wealth to fund their activities as heroes, villains, or anti-heroes. Of course, some of them are just simply rich due to the fact that they are kings or leaders of nations. So, with that said, let’s look at the richest superheroes of all time.

30. Batwoman (DC)

Batwoman 1

Net Worth: Less than a billion dollars

The first rich person that we have on this list is a member of the Bat Family, which is an incredibly wealthy group of superheroes in the world of DC. Of course, Batwoman is one of the characters that have carried this name. The more modern version of Batwoman is Katherine Kane, who is actually quite wealthy as she came from a family of rich socialites.

Like Bruce Wayne, Kathy decided to use her wealth on technology and training that allowed her to learn how to fight crime in the dark city of Gotham. In that regard, she is a lot like Batman, not only in terms of her name but also in terms of her approach. Of course, she was one of the many superheroes that were inspired by Batman’s activities in Gotham, as she decided to be Batwoman despite the fact that she never started out as one of the Dark Knight’s sidekicks or apprentices.

29. Moon Knight (Marvel)

moon knight suit

Net Worth: Less than a billion dollars

While we often see Marc Spector as a simple mercenary that had to make a living out of taking jobs, the thing that people often forget is that Moon Knight was able to obtain wealth for some odd reason. Nope, we aren’t talking about March Spector, but Moon Knight here, as one of the alternate personalities of the character is actually quite rich.


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Steven Grant is one of the many personalities that Moon Knight has and is actually the rich guy out of the three main personas that the hero often carries. Grant is incredibly wealthy and is the one who funds the activities of Moon Knight. Of course, whenever the character takes on his Marc Spector or Jake Lockley personality, he doesn’t have the wealth that Steven Grant comes with. It’s kind of confusing, but that has always been a part of the entire Moon Knight storyline.

28. Medusa (Marvel)

medusa 1

Net Worth: Around $1 billion

Medusa is actually an Inhuman from the world of Marvel Comics and is the wife of Blackagar Boltagon (Black Bolt), who we will be talking more about later. She is also the one serving as the mouthpiece of her husband, as we do know that Black Bolt’s voice has devastating effects. Medusa, as queen of the Inhumans and the nation of Attilan, is incredibly wealthy as well, despite the fact that she doesn’t have the crazy wealth that her husband has.

As the name suggests, Medusa’s powers are focused on her ability to control her hair and use them for different attacks. But like most other Inhumans, her physical capabilities are superior to regular human beings. As such, Medusa is not only rich but also a very capable fighter.

27. Mr. Terrific (DC)

Mr. Terrific

Net Worth: Around $1 billion 

While we often look at Batman as an incredibly smart person that used his brains and money to become a superhero, Mr. Terrific is another DC character that took the same route. He is often regarded as the third-smartest person on Earth and has over a dozen doctorate degrees thanks to his incredible mind. Using his intelligence, he was able to create his own tech company (which he later sold to Bruce Wayne).

Mr. Terrific doesn’t have superpowers, but he was able to create a tech called the T-Spheres, which he uses for offensive and defensive purposes. He became the leader of the Justice Society of America and became Bruce Wayne’s counterpart in that superhero group, as he often sees himself as Batman’s friendly rival. He also got invited to join the Justice League at one point in his career as a superhero.

26. Silver Sable (Marvel)

Silver sable 1

Net Worth: Around $2 billion

Despite the fact that she isn’t the most popular character on this list, Silver Sable is actually quite wealthy. Of course, she is one of the many characters that became wealthy due to the fact that she inherited a fortune from her family. Still, the good thing is that she used her wealth to fight crime as she ended up becoming a badass character that hunts war criminals.

Silver Sable is also the first antihero character we have on this list, as her methods of catching criminals tend to be a bit unorthodox and harsh. Still, she gets the job done and eventually became known as the wealthiest mercenary in the world, thanks to the fact that she is able to charge whatever she wants from her clients whenever she is out there hunting criminals. As such, her earnings as a mercenary and her inherited wealth make her one incredibly rich woman.

25. The Wasp (Marvel)

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Net Worth: Around $1 to 4 billion

We’re not talking about the younger Wasp here because we are referring to Janet Van Dyne, the mother of Hope and the original Wasp. While the powers of her suit may have come from her husband’s discovery of the Pym Particles, the wealth of their union actually comes from the Van Dyne family, as she inherited a fortune from her parents and found ways for her wealth to continue to grow.


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As a member of the Avengers, Janet was always one of the wealthiest superheroes in the world and was able to use her name as an Avenger to promote her successful fashion brand. As such, she became wealthy because everyone wanted clothes made by one of the Avengers. So, while her fortune may have come from her family’s wealth, she was able to find a way to become even wealthier.

24. Nighthawk (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $4 billion

We all know that Batman has always been one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Of course, DC made a fortune from Batman’s popularity. However, Marvel wanted a piece of that pie by creating Nighthawk, who was believed to be a good rival to the DC superhero but failed to even reach a fraction of Batman’s success as a character. But like Batman, Nighthawk is also incredibly wealthy.

Named Kyle Richmond, Nighthawk is a much darker version of Batman, as his methods are quite harsh. That’s why the superhero teams that he has been a part of tend to be the ones with antiheroes in them, such as the Thunderbolts and the Secret Avengers. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he may be a hero with questionable methods, he is very wealthy due to his inheritance and business dealings.

23. Norman Osborn (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $4 billion

As one of the main enemies of Spider-Man, Norman Osborn isn’t someone you would call a hero but is more of a villain and is sometimes even an antihero. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he isn’t the conventional hero, he has always been a very wealthy character that was able to obtain his wealth through his chemical company called Oscorp. Of course, it was through his company and wealth that he was able to fund his activities.

Norman Osborn, of course, went crazy due to the Goblin Formula. However, despite the fact that he may have become a maniacal man, he still continued to increase his wealth using his power and influence. As such, he even became Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. at one point. That means that he knows how to use his wealth and influence in different ways that are beneficial to his status as one of the most powerful men on the planet.

22. Crystal (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $4 billion

Another one of the members of the Inhumans makes this list, as Crystal is also quite wealthy due to the fact that she is connected to the Inhuman Royal Family. In that regard, she was able to increase her wealth after she was named as the ambassador of the Inhumans to different diplomatic missions in different countries.

In that regard, she was able to become wealthier due to the connections that she was able to make. Of course, she is also one of the many characters that have had plenty of romantic interests in the world of Marvel, as she has been seen with the likes of Quicksilver and the Human Torch. She is also a powerful Inhuman herself due to her ability to control the elements.

21. Angel (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $5 billion

Angel is one of the most popular mutants in the X-Men storyline, although his movie counterpart wasn’t able to give justice to the character. Named Warren Worthington III, he was a human for many years before he and his parents realized that he had mutant powers in the form of angel wings that allowed him to fly.

Of course, throughout his entire life, Angel lived a lavish lifestyle due to his family’s wealth. He eventually inherited his family’s fortunes when he took over the Worthington businesses and went on to have plenty of different businesses, which include aviation technology and even frozen yogurt. There were also instances wherein he used his wealth to fund the X-Men.

20. Green Arrow (DC)

green arrow

Net Worth: Around $5 to 10 billion

We can’t get enough of superheroes that are simply regular human beings that end up using their wealth to become crime-fighting vigilantes. In that regard, Green Arrow is a Robin Hood character that is also somewhat of an archer version of Batman. Basically, they are similar to one another in the sense that they are both wealthy heirs that used their riches to fight crime. But Oliver Queen is on the lighter side of the personality spectrum.


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As CEO of Queen Industries, Green Arrow is definitely a wealthy man that ended up deciding to change the things that his father did with the company (which sold weapons). That was the reason why he decided to become a crime-fighting hero that battled social and political injustice in his city using his fortune.

19. Blue Beetle (DC)

Blue Beetle

Net Worth: Around $10 billion

While he doesn’t get to see the spotlight a lot, Ted Kord is actually a wealthy superhero that relies on technology to fight crime. Of course, it was through his tech that he was also able to save his father’s company and allow it to regain its status as a top name in the world of technology. And he did all that with a mind that is said to be just as sharp as Batman’s own mind.

Of course, he used his tech to become the second Blue Beetle, but Ted Kord also used his mind to power Kord Omniversal Research and Development Industries as its new CEO after his father lost interest in running the company. As such, he is an incredibly wealthy man that could run a company and fight crime whenever had free time on his hands.

18. Emma Frost (Marvel)

Emma frost

Net Worth: Around $11 billion           

While she may not always look like a very wealthy superhero, Emma Frost is actually incredibly rich. Starting out as a supervillain but ending up becoming a member of the X-Men, Emma Frost actually used his powers to become exceedingly wealthy. She never obtained her wealth from her rich parents but, instead, used her powers on the men of the Hellfire Club to pay her more.


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As such, she became an incredibly rich woman that started her own company called Frost International. That is why she is one of the few rags-to-riches stories in the world of Marvel, as she started out as a homeless girl and an exotic dancer but is now one of the few billionaires on the Marvel planet. Of course, her methods of obtaining wealth were questionable, but we can’t blame her for using the gifts that she had.

17. Thor (Marvel)


Net Worth: Inconclusive

The truth is that we can’t put a finger on just how wealthy Thor is, but what we do know is that he is the ruler of Asgard (after Odin’s death). That means that he is the king of an entire nation that’s full of resources and treasures collected from all over the universe. Of course, conventional Asgardian culture doesn’t operate the same way that world economies tend to operate, and that means that Asgardians probably don’t care about wealth that much.

Nevertheless, the Norse God of Thunder is not only mighty and powerful but is also very rich. If someone from Earth were to account for all of the possible riches that are in Asgard, there is a really good chance that Thor is actually wealthier than most of the other characters on this list. But since we can’t really give an exact figure on Thor’s estimated net worth, he’d have to settle on this spot.

16. Iron Fist (Marvel)

iron fist

Net Worth: Around $20 billion

Yes, we have another son of a billionaire from the world of Marvel Comics, as we can’t get enough of these rich superheroes that end up using their wealth for altruistic purposes. Daniel Rand, who we know as Iron Fist, was able to obtain his powers after defeating the serpent called Shou-Lou. However, he obtained his wealth because he was the son of a prolific businessman.

Rand was born to a rich family that started Rand-Meachum Incorporated. However, Danny was brought up in the mythical city of K’un-Lun and trained ferociously to become Iron Fist. After the deaths of his father and Meachum, Rand returned to claim 50% of the company’s assets and renamed it Rand Enterprise after he learned that Meachum was the one who killed his father. As such, he is now incredibly rich and is one of the many Marvel characters that use his money to fight crime.

15. Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $20 billion

There is a reason why Mr. Fantastic is on this list as he is an incredibly wealthy man that only became wealthier due to the fact that he is the smartest man on Earth in the Marvel Comics universe. Of course, it also helps if your father left you $2 billion dollars. Then again, the fact that Reed Richards is smarter than anyone else allowed him to use his brains to fund his research and experiments to become one of the wealthiest men on the planet.

Of course, Richards is known for being a master of different fields of science, as he used his knowledge to invent space and time-traveling equipment that allowed him to become very wealthy. Still, he was more of someone that used his mind and wealth for altruistic purposes as he focused more on inventing things that helped the Fantastic Four and the other Marvel heroes to keep the planet safe from threats.

14. Kingpin (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $30 million

Kingpin is probably the only character on this list that we can say has always been a villain, as he is one of the simplest yet most badass bad guys in the world of Marvel. He may not have the superpowers and intelligence that some of the Marvel villains have, but he is someone who knows how to use his power and influence to get what he wants.


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In that regard, he became an incredibly wealthy individual that earned his money from being the biggest crime boss in New York. That is exactly the reason why he has always been on the radar of street-level New York heroes, such as Daredevil and Spider-Man. Of course, he is more than capable of defending himself despite not having any superpowers, as he has peak-level physical capabilities and incredible fighting skills for a man his size.

13. Doctor Doom (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $35 billion

While he has almost always been a villain, Doctor Doom fought on the side of good a few times, especially if it benefited him. He is an incredibly smart and powerful individual that only became even more powerful because of his wealth. Of course, being the ruler of a country named Latveria allowed him to amass a huge fortune.

As the ruler of a country, he was able to gain access to a lot of different wealth opportunities that people don’t normally get. He is also a very smart individual that is quite tactical in his approach, and that’s why he was able to become even wealthier. Of course, his tactical mind also made him one of the most dangerous individuals in the world of Marvel Comics.

12. Ozymandias (DC)


Net Worth: Around $50 billion

In the world of Watchmen, there is no one that’s wealthier than Adrian Veidt, who used to be a masked hero that rebranded himself into Ozymandias. On top of the fact that he is incredibly wealthy, he is also regarded as the smartest man in the world as his expertise in many different fields of science and his ability to think of tactics and strategies are unmatched. Yes, he is smarter than the likes of Batman and Lex Luthor.

Although he retired from being a costumed hero, Ozymandias became an antihero that orchestrated a series of events that he thought could help stop an impending nuclear war. That was the reason why he created a biological creature that he sent out to destroy New York City, as he believed that the only way for the world to be peaceful was for all of the nations to unite against a common enemy. Of course, the fact that he was able to build a secret base in Antarctica and create this monster means that he is incredibly wealthy.

11. Lex Luther (DC)


Net Worth: Around $75 billion

Superman’s greatest rival was always just a regular human being with brains bigger than everyone else’s and a bank account with more digits than anyone could count. Lex Luthor is not only a very smart individual that has been able to outthink the likes of Batman and Superman a few times but is also very wealthy, as he does have his own company and was able to actually become president of the United States at one point.

Lex Luthor’s money comes from legal means, although he is often regarded as a villain. Still, he sees himself as a hero of mankind because the very reason why he wants to bring Superman down is related to the fact that he has always been an ally of humanity. Nevertheless, that doesn’t excuse all of the evil things he’s done, even though he has helped the good guys on more than a few occasions using his wealth and incredible scientific mind.

10. Batman (DC)


Net Worth: Around $80 billion

No list of wealthy fictional characters is ever complete without Bruce Wayne, who is probably the most iconic superhero on this list. Of course, it is the fact that he is rich that he was able to fund his activities as the most popular masked superhero of all time. And he inherited his fortune from his parents, who were able to become incredibly wealthy due to Wayne Enterprises.

Wayne Enterprises, of course, is a conglomerate with a lot of different departments that helped make Bruce Wayne incredibly wealthy to the point that he funded a lot of the different activities of the Justice League. There is also the fact that thanks to the money from his company, he was able to fund his own activities within Gotham City using advanced gadgets and equipment that helped him bridge the gap between himself and a lot of superpowered criminals.

9. Nightwing (DC)


Net Worth: Around $90 billion

You might be surprised to see that Nightwing, who is also known as the first Robin, is actually wealthier than his mentor. Yes, Dick Grayson eventually became wealthier than Bruce Wayne because of Alfred Pennyworth, who was secretly a very wealthy individual that had more wealth than Batman himself.

As such, when Alfred died, he left all of his fortune to Dick Grayson, who he treated as a son his entire life. In that regard, Nightwing became wealthier than Batman overnight as he was able to become one of the wealthiest people in DC. Of course, he started out as an orphan that Bruce Wayne adopted out of pity, but he eventually became just as wealthy as him and could even become wealthier, depending on how much Batman planned to give him after his death.

8. Black Adam (DC)

black adam

Net Worth: Around $90 billion

Black Adam may not seem like a guy that shows off his wealth around like the other characters on this list, but he is actually a very wealthy individual due to the fact that he runs his own ancient country of Kahndaq. His country goes all the way back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, as Black Adam has been the ruler of this ancient civilization for thousands of years. As such, the wealth that his country has collected is more than enough to put him on this list.


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Of course, Black Adam is more of an antihero that started out as a villain. He is a powerful individual that is just as strong as Shazam and is able to contend with the likes of Superman. As such, he isn’t afraid to use his powers to protect his people from any threats. And that’s why Kahndaq continues to prosper under his protection.

7. Professor X (Marvel)

Net Worth: Around $100 billion

If you’re running an entire school of mutants without getting paid while funding a secret organization of superpowered individuals that use a lot of cool tech to fight crime and evildoers, you’d have to be incredibly wealthy. That is exactly the reason why Professor X is on this list, as it has always been clear that he always had money to fund the activities of the X-Men, no matter how expensive some of their exploits are.

Of course, Charles Xavier was born into a privileged life that he ended up using for the best possible cause, which is to help young mutants have a home where they belong. We aren’t exactly sure why Professor X is as wealthy as he is but what we do know is that he has been investing in pharmaceutical companies that use drugs synthesized from Krakoan flowers. As such, it was through his efforts that the mutants were able to have a permanent homeland in Krakoa.

6. Sunspot (Marvel)


Net Worth: Around $100 billion

Even though Professor X is often regarded as the wealthiest mutant in the history of Marvel Comics, that isn’t exactly true because his student, Roberta De Costa, is actually richer than he is. Known as the mutant named Sunspot, this solar-powered character is incredibly powerful and is even wealthier than any other mutant on the planet. And that was why he found himself becoming a member of the elite Hellfire Club.

Of course, Sunspot inherited his fortune from his incredibly wealthy family. Using his wealth, he actually bought A.I.M. instead of fighting this former criminal organization, as he was able to turn this group around simply by buying it. As such, A.I.M. became Sunspot’s own group within the Avengers, as his resources allowed him to prevent any sort of bloodshed between the superheroes and these criminals.

5. Iron Man (Marvel)

iron man.jpg

Net Worth: $100 Billion

The billionaire playboy philanthropist makes it on this list as he has always been one of the loudest people in Marvel Comics in terms of how rich he is. Ever since he was introduced, Tony Stark was always someone who was never shy about his lavish billionaire lifestyle as he used his family’s fortunes to live a good and luxurious life. Of course, let’s not forget that he is a genius that has the ability to invent almost anything imaginable.

But it was the fact that he understood the kind of danger that Stark Industries posed to the world as a weapons company that made Stark create a mechanized suit that allowed him to fight crime and other threats all over the world. As such, he became Iron Man, who is one of the most iconic Marvel superheroes of all time. And using his mind and wealth, he has continued to improve his Iron Man persona by developing more technologies that allowed him to become as strong as he needed to be when facing extremely powerful threats.

4. Namor (Marvel)

namor imperius featured

Net Worth: $260 billion

Like a lot of different rulers on this list, Namor doesn’t have the same kind of loud and lavish lifestyle that guys like Tony Stark do. After all, he lives underwater and leads a group of alien people that have been living on the planet for centuries. However, what most people forget is that he is actually very wealthy not only because he is the leader of an underwater civilization but also because he basically commands all of the resources that the ocean has to offer.

Considering that the planet is composed of mostly water, the kind of resources that Namor commands is unmatched by any other nation in the world (except Wakanda). That makes him one of the wealthiest comic book characters ever, despite the fact that he doesn’t have the kind of lavish lifestyle that the likes of Tony Stark tend to live.

3. Black Bolt (Marvel)

black bolt

Net Worth: Around $300 billion

Black Bolt, of course, is the leader of an entire nation of people that are well beyond humans. He is the king of the Inhumans, and that means that he has control over the vast resources that his nation has. In fact, he owns a lot of different properties, has different connections with wealthy individuals, and owns the freaking Moon. Yes, this guy owns the Moon.

Of course, as wealthy as he may be, he can’t even brag about his wealth. That’s because Black Bolt’s powers are tied to his speech, as any sound he makes can be devastating. A simple whisper from him could destroy entire cities. As such, he is not only one of the wealthiest people on Earth but is also one of the most powerful characters on the planet.

2. Black Panther (Marvel)

Black Panther Throne

Net Worth: $90.7 Trillion

Again, we have another leader of a fictional nation on this list, as King T’Challa is no doubt the wealthiest man in the world of Marvel Comics. Of course, his wealth comes from the fact that he is the ruling monarch of the most powerful nation on Earth in Marvel. And the power of Wakanda comes from its monopoly over Vibranium, which is the most precious metal on Earth.


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It is estimated that Vibranium is worth $10,000 a gram. As such, considering that almost all of Wakanda is made out of Vibranium, you could just imagine just how much money the entire kingdom is worth. In that regard, the rough estimation of Black Panther’s wealth is somewhere over $90 trillion. Yes, we are talking trillions here.

1. Aquaman (DC)


Net Worth: $150 trillion

DC’s version of a king ruling an underwater kingdom called Atlantis is the wealthiest man in the entire world of comic books, and that’s because of the very fact that he has sole control over the entire planet’s ocean resources. Of course, he is not like Batman in terms of how liquid and tangible his wealth is but the fact that he is the ruler of arguably the most powerful nation on Earth in DC means that his resources are bountiful.

Of course, Arthur Curry was a rags-to-riches story in DC as he grew up a simple man before he found out that he was the heir to the throne of Atlantis. In that regard, when he rose to the throne of his mother’s kingdom, he immediately became the wealthiest man in the world with a net worth that dwarfs Bruce Wayne’s own massive wealth. And this makes us wonder why Batman is actually the one who is asked to fund the activities of the Justice League.

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