Reports Reveal Plot Details Related to Upcoming White Vision MCU Project and It Lays Down Groundwork for Ultron’s Return


Back in October 2022, Deadline reported that the second ‘WandaVision’ spinoff series was in the works, additional details revealed that the show in question is supposed to focus on White Vision created during ‘WandaVision.’

The show was given a preliminary name ‘Vision Quest’ and nothing was heard about it for almost 2 years.

Since the SAG-AFTRA strike complicated a lot of things, this wasn’t exactly strange plenty of projects were either canceled or faced severe delays. Recently, we’ve gotten a confirmation that the Vision show is still in development. The show is set to release in 2026, with Paul Bettany set to return to the main role as White Vision.

In the ‘WandaVision’ finale, we saw that the new version of Vision was created by S.W.O.R.D. called White Vision. Wanda’s Vision tries to restore White Vision’s memories by using the Mind Stone from his own forehead, which leads to a philosophical debate about what makes a person a “real” Vision. In the end, White Vision remembers who he is and takes off without any explanation, leaving the fate of the character unclear. The show is reportedly set to take place following the events of ‘WandaVision.’

Now, Marvel Updates, a relatively known and reliable leaker account shared a series of rumors related to the show. According to them, White Vision wishes to have a paternal bond like that which Vision had with his imaginary children in Westview. White Vision will create Virgina, Viv, and Vin.

The show will apparently tie into the ‘Young Avengers’ movie which is currently in development and will lay the groundwork for Ultron’s return.

Ultron is one of the most notable Avengers villains in comics, so it doesn’t surprise us if the studio decides to revisit him, considering how plenty of fans were not happy with how he was handled in the MCU so far.

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