Reports Reveal Which Version of Nova We Can Expect in the MCU

Nova Reportedly to Be Reworked as Feature Film Instead of a Limited Series

Marvel Studios has more than 20 projects in the works, focusing on both big and lesser-known characters from the comics, despite claims made by Iger that the studio will decrease its creative output to 2-3 movies a year and 2 live-action shows.

One of the confirmed projects that’s been in development for years now is ‘Nova.’ First imagined as a series, it was later reworked into a feature film, and now, it seems that it’s back to being a series again.

Daniel Richtman notable scooper and leaker published on his private Patreon that, what was supposed to be a feature film is now being reworked to be a Disney+ series, focusing on a younger protagonist. This means that the primary Nova in the MCU will be Sam Alexander, and not Richard Ryder which many fans were looking forward to. Richtman also stated that production should begin next year.

Recently, Brad Winderbaum head of animation for Marvel Studios cleared doubts on whether the show is in development at all, he stated that ‘Nova’ development is planned, but due to a new system in place, just because the project is in development, that doesn’t mean that the show will be released.

Several weeks ago, rumors were also going around that Ryan Gosling is in talks to play Nova, or some other mysterious MCU role, but I guess with Nova in question being younger we can safely rule out Gosling.

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