Brad Winderbaum Reveals the Current Status of ‘Nova’ and ‘Iron Heart’ Projects Within the MCU

Nova Reportedly to Be Reworked as Feature Film Instead of a Limited Series

We know that Marvel Studios was forced to shift their strategy a bit due to disastrous year regarding Box-office. Both ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ and ‘The Marvels’ failed to impress the audiences which even led Bob Iger to admit that the studio has had some problems with the quality in recent months. Several upcoming projects are rumored to be cancelled including ‘Captain Marvel 3’ and ‘Ant-Man 4’ with ‘Eternals 2’ reportedly reworked into something else completely.

Brad Winderbaum Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation at Marvel Studios recently revealed (and confirmed) some upcoming MCU projects in his talk with Phase Zero.

Winderbaum revealed that season three of ‘X-Men ’97’ is currently in development, despite Beau DeMayo being fired just a few weeks before the premiere of the first season. He also confirmed that ‘Nova’ project is in very early development at the studio and couldn’t disclose whether the show will focus on Sam Alexander or Richard Rider.

We have a new system behind-the-scenes at Marvel Studios. We’re more like a traditional studio now. We’re developing more than we actually will produce. So there are plans to develop ‘Nova.’

Winderbaum ended the announcement with “I would love to see a ‘Nova’ show one day,” meaning that just because the project is in early development currently doesn’t mean that it will ever see a light of day.

The host also asked about the ‘Ironheart’ show that’s been in development hell for quite some time now, pushed back and delayed several years up to this point:

In all honesty, there was a mandate to kind of create as much as we could for Disney+ as quickly as we could, and then, there was a shift. Al of Sudden we have to start spreading our release dates out. So, that really accounts for most of the delays. We’re using that time, you know, we’re not sitting idle. So, it’s like, it kind of stays in the oven. You can bake certain things a little more. It’s only going to make things better. But most of it its just shrapnel from the business.

So, Brad confirmed that the show is still in development but has been further delayed and they are using this time to work on it further. Which makes sense since Iger also mentioned that the MCU will focus on quality over quantity, meaning that release dates will be spread out further. This is why ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is the only movie releasing in 2024.

But, back to the confirmation that ‘Nova’ project is in development, this weirdly coincides with rumors that start spreading earlier this week that Ryan Gosling was cast in a mysterious MCU role, and it’s been rumored for months now that he was in talks to play Nova so….what a weird coincidence right?

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