Rumor: Toad Set to Return as One of the Villains in ‘Deadpool 3’

Rumor Toad Set to Return as One of the Villains in Deadpool 3
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Despite being nowhere near its release date, ‘Deadpool 3’ keeps fans on the edge of their seats with constant updates, rumors, and comments regarding its plot. The movie is highly anticipated for several reasons. First, it’s set to be a return of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine following his on-screen death in ‘Logan.’ It’s also Deadpool’s first official performance in the MCU, and going by the rumors, the movie will heavily reference Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise and its villains through the multiverse concept, with Deadpool and Wolverine allegeldy set to fight some of the previous enemies. 

Fox had an ‘MCU’ before MCU was a thing in the first place, and this cinematic universe gave us some of the most interesting and bizarre characters that ever appeared in superhero cinema, and one of them is Toad. 

According to DanielPRK, a known leaker of everything Marvel, small-time villain Toad, aka Mortimer Toynbee, will make his grand return in ‘Deadpool 3.’ 

Toad appeared as a serious threat in the ‘X-Men’ movie and then showed up again as a small-time antagonist in the revised timeline, where his future is currently unknown. What makes Toad special (and memorable) are his abilities. If you’re not familiar with the character at all, his name might give you a clue about his overall powerset. Toad has flexible bones, which allows for amazing leaping potential. He can spit out toxic slime and has wall-crawling abilities. 

The original timeline implied that Toad (played by Ray Park) died when Storm summoned a lightning bolt to strike his tongue and make him fall into the Hudson River. Toad re-appeared in ‘Days of Future Past’ but with a smaller role, and this time around, he was played by Evan Jonigkeit.  

Would you like to see Toad on the big screen again? Who should play him? Let us know in the comments below!

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