Rumors: Disney Cancels Secret MCU Project in Development Amid Change in Direction

Rumors Disney Cancels Secret MCU Project in Development Amid Change in Direction

Upon its release, ‘Eternals’ marked the change of direction in the MCU, and despite the movie receiving mixed reviews and bombing at the box office, it was often described as ambitious and sometimes incoherent due to many elements introduced, which were subsequently never used again.  

Some viewers considered the movie a breath of fresh air and appreciated the themes that mixed cosmic themes with mythologies, but some felt that the movie didn’t quite hit the mark. Still, it seems that ‘Eternals’ was ambitious enough to warrant itself a sequel. Since couple of months ago it was rumored that the ‘Eternals 2’ was in the works with Richard Madden guaranteed to return as Ikaris. Now a lot has happened since those rumors first resurfaced. First ‘The Marvels’ flopped, being the lowest-grossing MCU movie of all time, and following that failure, Iger went to public with a statement that the studio will focus on quality over quantity and we can expect fewer projects in the following years.

This is partially why ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is the only movie to release in 2024, and we can expect a lot fewer live-action shows as the studio is slowly moving its focus toward animated content. Now Daniel Richtman, a mostly reliable source of scoops and leaks has an updated, ‘Eternals 2’ has been reportedly canceled with Feige wanting to make the movie and Iger being convinced that it’s going to flop. According to the same rumors, Iger wants to focus on sure hits, and ‘Eternals’ isn’t that.

If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to Celestials and that giant hand sticking out of Earth, well ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ is about to address that in the movie, so I guess we don’t need a sequel to ‘Eternals’ no matter how awesome to story could have been.

The reactions from fans are mixed, with some encouraging Marvel Studios to explore the new direction in the MCU, with others claiming that the MCU currently doesn’t need another ‘Eternals’ movie on top of several box office bombs. As a reminder, ‘The Marvels’ opened up with $110 million globally, making it the lowest in the MCU ever. As a comparison, ‘Eternals’ opened up with $162 million globally, which was the second-largest worldwide opening weekend in the COVID-19 pandemic for a Hollywood film.

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