Eternals are a fictional humanoid race that appears in Marvel Comics, created by Jack Kirby. Eternals debuted in The Eternals #1 in 1976.

Eternals were created by a group of powerful alien beings known as the Celestials, who came to Earth millions of years ago and performed genetic experiments on early humans. The result of these experiments was the creation of the Eternals, a race of near-immortal beings with incredible strength, durability, and powers. The Eternals also have a natural connection to cosmic energy, which they can manipulate to perform various feats.

The Eternals are a diverse group of characters with various powers and personalities. Some of the most prominent members include Ikaris, who has superhuman strength and the ability to fly; Sersi, who can manipulate matter at will; and Thena, who is a skilled fighter with a connection to cosmic energy.

Throughout their history, the Eternals have been involved in various conflicts and storylines, often involving other Marvel Comics characters. They have also been featured in their own comic book series, as well as in other media, including animated television shows and live-action movie.