Rumors: Marvel To Focus on Animated Shows as Live-Action Series Take a Back Seat

Rumors Marvel To Focus on Animated Shows as Live Action Series Take a Back Seat

2023 wasn’t all that good for Marvel Studios. The start of the Multiverse Saga was met with a lukewarm reception and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ failed to deliver projected results. ‘Secret Invasion’ a much-anticipated live-action show focusing on the Skrulls was met with horrific reviews despite loosely adapting a famous comic storyline. The only fully successful project released in 2023 was ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3,’ which was followed by the abysmal release of ‘The Marvels’ the lowest-grossing Marvel Studios film to date.

Following the catastrophic results of ‘The Marvels’ even Bog Iger came out with a statement and admitted to the movie’s shortcomings, he also said that the studio will focus more on quality over quantity in the coming years. Despite that, we occasionally hear about a new confirmed or rumored project in development ranging from street-level superheroes to cosmic stories, but most currently rumored projects and projects about to be released are animated in nature.

Now this is not an accidental trend, if Daniel Richtman is to be believed his sources from the Marvel Studios confirmed that the studio will focus on animated content in the future and live-action movies, with live-action shows being more grounded in nature and well, there is going to be less of them.

If you look at the 2024 release schedule, we have ‘Marvel Zombies,’ ‘Marvel X-Men ’97,’ ‘What If…?’ season 3, and ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ to look forward to, but the only live-action show to be released in 2024 is ‘Agatha: the Darkhold Diaries,’ There’s also the animated show titled ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ that’s possibly going to be released in 2024, and there’s also that animated project focusing on cosmic beings, but this project is only rumored to be in development.


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As far as live-action shows go, ‘Wonder Man,’ ‘Vision Quest,’ ‘Ironheart,’ and an untitled project focusing on Nova are still in development, however, it’s possible that the studio will truly put these shows on the backburner, especially ‘Ironheart’ that’s been in development hell for quite some time seemingly never seeing the confirmed release date.

It looks like the future of the MCU truly lies in the animated content, let’s just hope that they can truly deliver quality over quantity. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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