Rumors: ‘Fantastic Four’ Is Being Rewritten, New Writers Already on Board

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Out of all upcoming MCU projects, ‘Deadpool 3’ is so far the only one being scheduled for a 2024 release. But we must look beyond that, and when it comes to projects scheduled to be released in the next 2 or 3 years, none is as hyped as the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. So far, the only problem we’ve had with the movie was casting, as it hasn’t been confirmed yet in the official capacity. We only have bits and pieces of rumors to go off on, like the fact that Pedro Pascal will be Reed Richards and Vanessa Kirby is our new Sue Storm.

And while we are pretty certain who will play Reed Richards and Sue Storm, the actors behind Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are still up for debate. The most likely candidate to play The Thing currently is Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who couldn’t confirm or deny that he is involved in a movie. ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot is also supposed to introduce Nova to the MCU, and it’s rumored that the role has been offered to none other but Ryan Gossling.


Rumors: MCU To Be Rebooted Keeping New Heroes, Mutants & Fantastic Four

It’s crazy times we’re living in, and the most current rumors are somewhat more down to earth as they indicate that ‘Fantastic Four’ is being rewritten and that new writers are already on board to wrap up bits and pieces of the story before the shooting commences.

The rumors come from Daniel Richtman, a reputable leaker and scooper who has a semi-reliable track record when it comes to MCU as a whole but a good reliability score when it comes to ‘Fantastic Four’ specifically. Plenty of fans are already hoping that the script being rewritten means that some major things will be changed, like Silver Surfer being a woman, but it’s most likely final touches and tweaks that will be added to the story.

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