More Rumors Confirm That Silver Surfer in ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Will Be a Woman

SIlver Surfer woman

Out of all the projects that MCU currently has either in development or ready to be released in the next year, ‘Fantastic Four’ continues to generate the most buzz alongside the upcoming ‘Deadpool 3.’

Following the catastrophic few movies before the MCU even existed, the upcoming reboot movie has a lot to prove, and fans these days are mostly looking through various rumors to determine the casting behind the iconic characters. 

It’s been heavily speculated that Vanessa Kirby will be Sue Storm, with Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm strongly associated with Joseph Quinn and Daveed Diggs. A few weeks earlier, the world seemingly got the confirmation that Pedro Pascal would be playing Reed Richards and some fans were left excited with the premise and some extremely disappointed. There’s also the role of Galactus, who, according to most speculations, will go to Javier Bardem

But, one more set of rumors that heavily polarize the fans are getting increasingly louder, the ones that state that Silver Surfer will be a villain in the upcoming movie and that it will be a woman in the role. 

And this is something that MyTimeToShineHello, a source of somewhat reliable scoops and leaks on X, published in the recent AMA, confirming once again what was leaked several months ago. 

The first contender for the role of Silver Surfer appears to be Anya Taylor-Joy. This was first reported by Daniel Richtman and Jeff Sneider. And while a good chunk of fans are disappointed with these rumors, cursing the “Wokeism” that MCU is increasingly propagating, another decent chunk of fans is pointing out the fact that several Heralds of Galactus have been women. 


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Anya Taylor-Joy is a decent choice for Surfer. She has delivered standout performances in several works, including her acclaimed roles as Beth Harmon in ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ Casey Cooke in ‘Split,’ and Emma Woodhouse in ‘Emma.’ From psychological horror to period dramas, it seems that there’s no genre that Anya can’t tackle. 

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