Rumors: Karen & Foggy Still Set To Die in ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

Rumors Karen Foggy Still Set to Die in ‘Daredevil Born Again

One of the most talked about upcoming MCU projects is ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ The show received plenty of hype as soon as its early development was announced, but shock soon followed when fans realized that the show wouldn’t be a continuation of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ show; it was instead meant to be a soft reboot. Fans were also quite disappointed to learn that the show would feature quite a number of episodes where Daredevil does not suit up at all. The show was supposed to go in the direction of legal drama, focusing on Daredevil’s life after he drops his vigilante mantle, trying to put his past behind him, just like Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin.  

The fact that Karen & Foggy weren’t meant to return to the series was also a devastating blow to the fans who have grown to love characters who were such an important part of Daredevil’s character growth. Then, the announcement came that the studio was scrapping the current show due to being “a bit boring” and moving in a different direction altogether, embracing the comic-faithful version of the character. Much of what was already filmed will be used, but much of the story’s elements will also be created again from scratch.


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Then, just a few weeks ago, confirmation came that the show will feature both Karen & Foggy, which is undoubtedly a product of a changed storyline. According to InSneider Newsletter not only will Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson return for their respective roles, but there are also some speculations regarding how their absence was supposed to be explained in ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ They would allegedly die sometime between the Season 3 of Netflix’s show and ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’

Now that the set photos surfaced that show both Matt, Karen, and Foggy, fans are once again excited that the trio will return to their former glory, but once again, rumors are kind of raining down on that parade because speculations have once again risen that despite appearing in the pilot episode and on set, Karen & Foggy are still scheduled to die somewhere down the line.

The first piece of evidence that supports this is the fact that Deborah Ann Woll is supposed to return for only 3 episodes, just like Elden Henson. The various scoopers are leakers pointed out on X that Foggy and Karen can be seen only in the new pilot, which doesn’t warrant that they won’t die some grisly death somewhere down the line.

There’s also the fact that Karen’s and Foggy’s deaths were supposed to be a huge breaking point for Daredevil and were supposed to be the center of his new approach to life, a major motivator to shift both his career around by starting up a new firm and perhaps laying low with his vigilante activities for a time. Just because the show was “overhauled” doesn’t mean that the whole thing has been scrapped and that the show is starting up from zero. Jeff Sneider pointed out that since some of the episodes have already been shot, they will be used; they won’t scratch the whole thing. It would take too much resources and too much time.

If Karen’s and Foggy’s deaths were a major part of the “soft reboot,” it’s highly unlikely they will just get rid of the whole thing. In any case, we’re going to know more when the whole thing is released; until then, we can watch the IMDb page of the show and hope that more episodes are added to their respective pages.

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