Rumors: Notable Herald of Galactus To Appear in ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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‘Fantastic Four’ is currently the hottest upcoming MCU movie only a few days ago release date and cast were announced, confirming what we’ve known for quite a while. Pedro Pascal will be MCU’s new Reed Richards, with Vanessa Kirby taking on the role of Sue Storm. The Thing and the Human Torch will be played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Joseph Quinn respectively.

Filming is expected to begin this summer, and due to the release date being switched, ‘Thunderbolts’ lost its July 2025 spot being moved to release earlier than expected on May 2, 2025. Despite the main cast being confirmed, there was not a speck of news regarding the movie’s possible villain.

In the last several months plenty of rumors pointed in the direction that Galactus would make his appearance with Javier Bardem supposedly being a top choice for the role. There’s also the issues of Galactus’ Herald. According to the first rumors that we’ve heard Galactus’ Herald was supposed to be a woman, which didn’t sit well with the fans despite there being female Heralds in the comics. As a matter of fact Galactus had plenty of heralds, Silver Surfer is just the most famous.


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If The Geeky Cast is to be believed Galactus Herald called Terrax will appear in the movie, and Marvel Studios is looking for an actor to play him.

Terrax the Tamer, originally known as Tyros was a dictator ruling the city-state Lanlak on the moon of Birj, located in a distant solar system. He controlled his realm using a unique ability to animate constructs of earth and rock. Tyros was driven by a desire for power and conquest, leading a life of indulgence and violence. His actions caught the attention of Galactus. To the surprise of everybody Galactus actually employed the help of the Fantastic Four to fetch him Tyros, due to his complete lack of morality Galactus considered him to be a perfect herald.

Soon after being captured by the team, Tyros was exposed to Power Cosmic and transformed into Terrax the Tamer who will soon betray Galactus and become one of the most powerful dangers the Fantastic Four ever faced.

The studio doesn’t have all that much time to cast the role however as the filming is supposed to begin this summer in the UK.

Who would you like to see in the role of Terrax? Let us know in the comments below!

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