Rumors Reveal The Potential Return of One of the Most Notable ‘Eternals’ Characters

ikaris not dead rumors

Upon its release, ‘Eternals’ marked the change of direction in the MCU, and despite the movie receiving mixed reviews and bombing at the box office, it was often described as ambitious and sometimes incoherent due to many elements introduced, which were subsequently never used again.  

Some viewers considered the movie a breath of fresh air and appreciated the themes that mixed cosmic themes with mythologies, but some felt that the movie didn’t quite hit the mark.

A while ago it was rumored that the potential sequel for ‘Eternals’ was scrapped and is no longer in development, but then a different set of rumors implied that the project has simply been reworked into something else entirely and we might still get to see the full cast of characters on the big screen. Now notable leaker and scooper MyTimeToShineHello returns with a massive scoop related to Ikaris. Apparently, Ikaris is not truly dead and will be back “sooner than we think.”

If you’ve missed the first installment of the ‘Eternals’ Ikaris eventually commits suicide. Following the failed Emergence of Tiamut the Communicator and his inability to act against Sersi due to his feelings for her, a remorseful Ikaris apologized to Sersi for killing Ajak and betraying their cause. Frustrated and guilt-ridden, Ikaris departed from Sersi and flew into space. Feeling purposeless after betraying his mission as an Eternal, he ultimately flew into the Sun. But, no one really expected Ikaris to stay dead for long.

Now to address these rumors, it’s quite possible that the leaker implies that Ikaris will return as Zombie in ‘Marvel Zombies’ upcoming spinoff of ‘What If…?’ animated TV shows. It’s also possible that the character will make an appearance in the upcoming ‘Thor 5’ or even ‘Secret Wars’ a movie that already has quite a few rumored additions. There’s also been talk that the upcoming ‘Blade’ reboot will feature Dane Whitman, and with him, we can also expect to see Ikaris.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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