Rumors Reveal What We Can Expect From the Next Avengers Team

Rumors Reveal What We Can Expect From the Next Avengers Team

The last time we saw the full Avengers team in glorious action was back in ‘Endgame,’ and since then, most of the members are either dead or doing their own thing or still recovering from planet-shattering damage to their psyche that the last few phases of the MCU dealt to them.

Two Avengers movies are already in development, ‘Avengers 5’ previously known as ‘Kang Dynasty,’ and ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ that fans expect to incorporate some elements from the comic storyline. There’s long been speculation regarding who might be the members of the new Avengers, especially considering that the last phase introduced truly a great number of superheroes, and more are expected to be added in the upcoming projects. There’s also the ‘Young Avengers’ movie being in development, with the next generation of superheroes already being groomed to take over the duties from their older counterparts.

In the recent Discord Q&A Cosmic Circus’ Alex Perez, a reliable insider source with a high track record for truthful information revealed what we can expect from the upcoming Avengers team.

The Avengers are “disassembled” so to speak. Every hero is currently out doing their own thing. Captain America has his own team with Falcon. Bucky will be busy handling the Thunderbolts. She-Hulk’s busy being a lawyer. Doctor Strange is off on his own with Clea. Thor’s off-world with Gorr’s daughter. Valkyrie is taking care of New Asgard. Scott is spending time with his family. The Scarlet Witch is resting. Vision is on a journey of self-exploration. Hawkeye’s retired. The only potentially “active” Avengers on the roster right now are Wong, Captain Marvel, Bruce Banner, Shang-Chi and Katy.

Captain American & Falcon are about to get their own movie next year ‘Brave New World’ and we know that Bucky is also going to be part of a major project ‘Thunderbolts,’ although the details detailing the movie are scarce at best. Thor also has a project currently in development, and Taika Waititi confirmed he will not return to direct it. Valkyre recently showed up in a minor role in ‘The Marvels,’ and as we know, ‘Quantumania’ flopped so the chances of ‘Ant-Man’ getting another sequel are slim at best, as are with the next ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. The fate of Scarlet Witch is still unknown, with everything pointing in the direction that she is alive.

‘Shang-Chi’ likewise has a project in development, reportedly it will be about time travel and will include Iron Fist. Now the problem remains how to unite these heroes once again, it’s going to have to happen in a single movie, and Perez had an answer for that.

However, there will be a story line that will force multiple heroes to unite.  According to some sources, there is an interest from Marvel in developing a ‘World War Hulk’ project, as a way to set up multiple street-level heroes as part of the Avengers roster to prepare them for the impending battle with Kang.

This is consistent with one rumor that we’ve recently covered, that ‘World War Hulk’ movie is being re-developed as ‘Avengers’ project, despite Ruffalo saying a while back that Hulk is never going to get his own movie, after confirming that he has a role in ‘New World Order’ and then denying it a few hours later.

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