Rumors: Scarlet Witch Might Get Her Solo Movie Soon!

scarlet witch solo movies

Wanda’s story in the MCU is one of the most heartbreaking. She lost everything in the Novi Grad Bombings, and then, along with her brother Pietro, she turned to desperate means to secure some kind of power to get their vengeance on Tony Stark.

Pietro was lost when the twins turned on Ultron in self-sacrifice, but Wanda continued on, fell in love with Vision, and took a stand against Thanos. By the end of her career in the MCU, she would lose Vision, her imaginary children, and ultimately her own sanity, but she would gain something far more powerful: the powers of Scarlet Witch

Still, before she went, Wanda did one thing right: she collapsed the Darkhold Castle on Wundagore Mountain on top of herself, destroying every single copy of Darkhold in existence, and the collapse of the castle seemingly led to her death. While her death was confirmed in the 2023 MCU timeline book, fans keep on hoping that one of the most powerful Avengers cannot be brought down with a pile of debris, and if the rumors are to be believed, it wasn’t. 

According to Cryptic HD QUALITY, a somewhat reliable scooper on social media, Wanda might be brought into the MCU for a solo movie. 

This is somewhat surprising considering that rumors that she will appear in ‘Agatha’ and ‘Vision Quest’ projects have been debunked. But still, we remain with one tiny problem: in the official continuity, Wanda is dead. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the character is dead and gone now that the floodgates that are Multiverse have been opened; this offers us the opportunity to revive and bring back into the fold numerous popular characters that are dead in the canon continuity. 


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If this is true, it’s almost as exciting as the rumors about Hulk’s solo movie that pop up from time to time. 

Are you excited about a potential Scarlet Witch solo movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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