Who Is Scarlet Witch’s Love Interest in the Comics?

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Throughout the entire history of comic books, the writers and artists have probably introduced even more love interest characters than the main heroes. Many superheroes have only one ultimate love interest, but some of them have had more of them that usually work with on-and-off relationships from time to time. We could say that Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, has experience in both of these areas. Because even though there is one character who fans deem the ultimate love interest for her, Wanda had many relationships and romances in the Marvel Comics canon (and one of them is very controversial). In this article, we’ll talk about Wanda Maximoff’s love life and tell you who is her ultimate love interest.

Throughout the character’s history, the Scarlet Witch has been in many relationships with different Marvel characters. However, Scarlet Witch’s main love interest is definitely Vision, who she falls in love with and eventually marries after joining the Avengers. Their marriage was ultimately annulled after their sons were erased from existence by Mephisto. Apart from Vision, Wanda also had many other love interests, and some of them were Hawkeye, Captain America, Wonder Man, Doctor Doom, Doctor Voodoo, and the most controversial of them all; she and her brother Quicksilver once had an incest relationship, but only in the Ultimate timeline (Earth-1610), where they are known as Wanda and Pietro Lensherr.

The popularity of Scarlet Witch increased rapidly with the debut of the live-action incarnation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Elizabeth Olsen. Olsen debuted in the mid-credit scene of 2014’s ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ and her latest appearance was in last year’s ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ While waiting for her eventual return, let’s dig into her character’s history and provide further answers on her romances with Vision and some other Marvel characters.

Vision is Scarlet Witch’s most-known, but definitely not the only love interest!

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Wanda Maximoff first debuted in ‘X-Men’ in January 1964. She was initially depicted as a supervillain and a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, along with her brother Pietro, also known as Quicksilver. The siblings were born near the city of Novi Pazar in Serbia, and they were originally believed to be Magneto’s children before it was revealed that the High Evolutionary made alternations to their genomes, turning them into superheroes and disgusting them as regular, born mutants.


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Wanda and Pietro joined the Brotherhood of Mutants after Magneto saved her from the villagers whose village she accidentally set on fire. The villagers called her the Scarlet Witch, which became her codename when she joined the brotherhood. Initially depicted as the supervillain, she fought X-Men on several occasions. During that time, Jason Wyngarde, also known as Mastermind, was attracted to Wanda, but she rejected him, saying that she would rather die than become his wife.

After the Maximoff siblings abandoned their terrorist activities and the Stranger imprisoned Magneto, Wanda joined the Avengers in ‘Avengers’ Volume 1 #16 in March 1965 (cover dated May 1965). Wanda and Vision first met in the 76th issue of the same series after Wanda was taken by Arkon, who wanted to make her his bride, and Vision was sent to save her.

The first spark between them happened in the 91st issue when they were both abducted by the Kree Empire and left tied up by Ronan the Accuser. In 1975’s ‘Giant-Size Avengers’ #4, Vision proposed to Wanda, and they married.

wandavison wedding comic

Although they are superheroes, Wanda and Vision’s marriage hasn’t been immune to regular marriage issues every married couple faces from time to time. In 1982’s ‘Vision and the Scarlet Witch,’ they got their first family home after they left the Avengers to focus on their family life, but they eventually rejoined the team, and Vision was named a Chairman of the group.

You know those situations when a husband is so busy and distracted that it starts influencing the relationship with his wife? Well, something like that happened to Wanda and Vision as well. Not to mention their house was burned down by the radical group of anti-superhumans.

Still, they didn’t let those issues affect them, and in 1985’s ‘Vision and the Scarlet Witch’ Volume 2, the couple bought a new home and started rebuilding their life. In the 12th issue in June 1986 (cover-dated September 1986), they had two sons, Billy and Tommy, thanks to Wanda’s reality-altering powers.

However, in the 52nd issue of ‘Avengers West Coast’ (September 1989, cover-dated December 1989), it turned out that Billy and Tommy were pieces of the demonic Mephisto and were eventually erased from existence. This was later followed by the ‘Vision Quest’ storyline in which Vision’s memory was wiped.


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Although Hank Pym managed to restore Vision’s data, he wasn’t able to restore the emotions Vision once had for her wife, and Wanda couldn’t form a connection with her reconfigured husband, which eventually led to the tragic ending of one of the most known marriages in the history of Marvel Comics.

After her marriage with Vision ended, Wanda tried to move on, and she eventually started a relationship with Wonder Man as they worked together as members of the West Coast Avengers. However, Wanda was never able to shake off the feelings she had for Vision, and she and Wonder Man eventually broke up.

These are only some of the many relationships Wanda had in the entire history of her character. In 2011’s ‘Avengers: The Children’s Crusade’ #4, she planned to marry Doctor Doom before she regained her memories, and in ‘New X-Men’ Volume 2 #44 (November 2007, cover-dated January 2008), she briefly dated Warren Worthington III, also known as Angel.

In her modern comic book stories, Wanda was in a relationship with Jericho Drumm, also known as Doctor Voodoo in ‘Uncanny Avengers’ Vol 3, and they shared a kiss in the 30th issue in December 2017 (cover-dated February 2018).

Based on the comics, what could happen to Scarlet Witch regarding her love life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Superhero movies are known for not following the source material closely. Many changes are needed to be made to fit the movie’s narrative, although some key points are always kept for comic book readers to catch easter eggs and references. However, that can sometimes be a double-edged sword since it’s not unusual for comic book readers to dislike certain changes in live-action adaptations.

The ‘WandaVision’ series is one of the best examples. After Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda developed a relationship with Paul Bettany’s Vision, she tragically lost him in a war against Thanos. Her grief and sadness eventually triggered her powers to create an alternate reality where she and Vision were married and had two kids, Billy and Tommy.


It’s obvious all this was inspired by the ‘Vision and the Scarlet Witch’ series, which led many fans to believe during the run of ‘WandaVision’ that the serious would introduce Mephisto as the main villain, which ultimately didn’t happen as the main antagonist turned out to be Agatha Harkness, who was Wanda’s friend and mentor in the source material.

The ending of ‘WandaVision’ also introduced White Vision, based on the emotionless Vision from the source material. And since we know there’s a ‘Vision Quest’ Disney+ series in development, it appears that the MCU will continue to follow that path of everything that happened after Wanda and Vision’s marriage collapsed.

That also opens the way for Wonder Man, who will join the MCU in his own series as well, to create a love triangle. No one expects that the MCU will closely follow the source material, but we can see the notable plot points the franchise is following, and we see where that might potentially lead, although we wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.


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The loss of her family and the influence of Darkhold turned Scarlet Witch into the main villain of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ The movie ended with Wanda coming to her senses and using her powers to destroy the Tower of Darkhold, eventually killing herself in the process. Let’s be real, no one believes she’s dead, and although we have no idea when we will see Olsen as the Scarlet Witch again, we’re looking forward to seeing where her story leads next.

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