Rumors Shed Light on the Possible Connection Between Franklin Richards & Galactus in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’

Rumors Shed Light on the Possible Connection Between Franklin Richards Galactus in the Upcoming Fantastic Four 1

The upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot stirred quite the drama in the community last week when it was revealed that MCU’s version of Silver Surfer will be played by Julia Garner who will be portraying Shalla-Bal, Norrin’s notable love interest in the comics.

Following that new cast announcement, Marvel also made 5 ‘Fantastic Four’ comic issues free for all fans, all of them pointing in the direction of the movie being set in an alternate universe.

There are also rumors that Galactus, Franklin Richards & Valeria Richards will be appearing in the movie, with Sue Storm reportedly being pregnant with Richards and him at some point in the movie being born in space. Now Murphy’s Multiverse has teased quite the connection between two of the most notable (and powerful) characters in the Fantastic Four universe.

Franklin Richards, known for his immense telepathic and telekinetic powers, as well as reality-shaping abilities, has a major presence in the comics and was vital to some of the best Fantastic Four stories over the years. From saving Earth’s heroes to restoring the Multiverse, Franklin’s powers are unparalleled. His history with Galactus, the cosmic entity, is noteworthy, as he once also served as Galactus’s herald. The upcoming film is rumored to explore the connection between Franklin and Galactus, suggesting a major role for Franklin in the movie’s plot. It’s evident that the established team of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben will likely have encountered Galactus before, hinting at an epic storyline in the making.

Some rumors also suggest that Galactus will be responsible for the Fantastic Four’s reality being destroyed so they will be forced to migrate to Earth-616.

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