Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Chose “The Ugliest Dog” To Play Deadpool Variant

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He Chose The Ugliest Dog To play Deadpool Variant

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is the most anticipated MCU release for several reasons. First, the movie is the first “R” rated MCU film and it’s going to introduce Deadpool to the MCU. Lastly, it’s going to feature a large number of cameos and variants.

Even though fans are mostly anticipating cameos from beloved ‘X-Men’ franchise characters, a big number of Deadpool variants will also appear in the movie.

So far, only a few have been confirmed some via trailers and some via merch, and one of them is Dogpool. The canine who will be playing Deadpool’s furry variant in the upcoming movie is named Peggy, and unsurprisingly she won an award for Britain’s ugliest dog. In his recent interview with Empire, Reynolds admitted this is why he chose her, it was love at first sight.

She won the award for Britain’s Ugliest Dog. The reason why I was a huge proponent for her was because she feels like the animal manifestation of Wade Wilson.

Reynolds also explained how Dogpool transitioned from a tiny joke into an important character in the movie.

It was, just like many things during the writing process, a tiny little afterthought, and it grew. It was one of those things where you just keep listening to the movie, and Dogpool became a staple.

Peggy amassed a lot of followers since the marketing campaign for the movie began, little Deadpool variant has its own Instagram account filled with adorable photos.

In the comics, Dogpool hails from Earth-103173 and has a pretty tragic story. He was known as Wilson and was part of an animal testing program for Mascara X, a bizarre piece of cosmetics that replenished itself, preserving its color after only a single application. After toxic Mascara-X changed Wilson at a molecular level, he developed the healing factor just like Wade Wilson.

Wilson, the dog was eventually dumped in a dumpster, but his healing factor revived him, and he bit through the garbage bag to set himself free. He lived as a stray dog until he was hit by a circus truck whose driver noticed that he had amazing death-defying abilities. From now on, he was the main circus attraction. At some point, Dogpool was recruited by Deadpool for his Deadpool Corps.

What is your take on Peggy? Let us know in the comments below!

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