Star Wars Resistance Team Fireball: An Introduction

Star Wars Resistance Team Fireball
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A new promotional video for the upcoming Star Wars Resistance has dropped. This video, unlike the one before it, introduces the audience to Team Fireball. It proceeds to explain, in detail, the relationship of each and their background.

As a show filled with entirely new, (minus Poe Dameron and BB-8) characters, this is welcomed.

The trailer opens by giving an explanation to the lead character, Kaz. Kaz is assigned by Poe to spy on the First Order. Unfortunately, while Kaz is an extremely good pilot, his spy skills need work. Kaz is then explained to be a little bit clumsy and occasionally finds his way into trouble. However, all is not lost. Executive Producer, Justin Ridge states, “he has a lot of heart and wants to make a difference.”

The trailer flips over to Yeager. Yeager was a pilot for the rebellion, who, after it was all over, found work as a mechanic. He’s described as a father-type to the team and is looked up to for guidance.

Tam, the mechanic who works with Yeager, was a racer who had lost her ship. She’s described as a great combination of tough with attitude, yet filled with heart and desire for purpose. 

Finally, there’s Neeku. Neeku, unlike the other members of Team Fireball, is not a human. What he is, however, is an incredibly positive genius. The actor who plays him, Josh Brener, states that, “no matter what kind of day you’re having, Neeku is having a great day.”

Different kind of Star Wars

The show itself is very different from other Star Wars outings. Whereas Rebels and The Clone Wars was more serious, Resistance is lighthearted. In fact, those in charge will tell you that it is geared towards children. More than that, contrary to its predecessors, the characters in Resistance are not caught up in the bigger Star Wars picture.

The show is set to premiere on later this year. No matter how good or bad it may be, I’ll be at home watching it. You just never know when Star Wars will finally be over.

You can find the trailer below.

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