Star Wars Takes the Clothes off of Yet Another Sith, but This Time They Have a Good Reason


This week’s Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’ delivered little in terms of excitement and progress of the overall story. A couple of other mysteries were teased regarding The Power of Two and Qimir’s Jedi origin, but except for that, the show is back to slow pace.

If you’ve already browsed social media to check out fan reactions to the episode, you’ve probably noticed that fans keep clamoring about hot and raunchy scenes involving yours truly Qimir aka The Master aka The Stranger.

We know that Star Wars fandom has a certain appreciation for bad guys, shirtless bad guys first and foremost. We’ve already seen reactions to shirtless Kylo Ren in ‘The Last Jedi’ and it seems that ‘The Acolyte’ continues this tradition but for a very good reason.

In episode 6, we can see Qimir about to take a swim in the ocean, he takes his clothes off while Osha is stalking him to presumably end his existence. However, Qimir also strips himself naked, and when he acknowledges Osha’s presence he exits the water completely naked and walks toward her, as if she isn’t holding his lightsaber, and as if she doesn’t know how to use it.

This scene wasn’t only so you can ogle the latest Sith Lord in the franchise, it signalized several important things, except for the fact that Jacinto worked very hard for his physique.

First, Qimir is clearly not afraid of Osha, and he doesn’t believe that he truly wants to kill him. He is confident that Osha would take the high road and follow the Jedi rules, despite no longer being part of the order.

Second, he wanted to bare himself to her and show her his vulnerable side. Qimir opens himself up while he is defenseless letting her know that he does have some trauma from the past. Whether his revelation was genuine, or he simply wanted to use her sympathies to soften her shell remains to be seen.

There’s one more purpose to Qimir being practically naked for a good part of the episode, and it’s something that Headland clearly wanted us to see – Qimir’s scars. According to everything we learned in this episode, there’s a good chance that Qimir was abused by his Jedi master, and fans are already theorizing that it was Vernestra Rwoh’s ligthwhip that left those nasty couple of scars on his back.

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