15 Strongest Versions of Loki (Ranked)

Strongest Loki versions

Loki is hands-down one of the most iconic villains to ever grace the pages of Marvel comics. He is an adopted son to Odin, one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe in general. A step-brother to Thor, a god of thunder capable of taking down most notable powerhouses from the comics. With everything taken into consideration Loki, a sorcerer and shapeshifter is quite powerful in his own right. Throughout its long history of existence, this legendary tricker had many powerful versions, in today’s post we decided to hand-pick the 15 most powerful ones. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our 15 strongest versions of Loki ranked by powers and abilities.

15. Aligator Loki

Aligator Loki

It is not clear whether this version was created this way or Loki simply shapeshifted since both theories are possible. The fact that Aligator has mental capabilities never before seen in that species would suggest that some kind of magic is involved however you look at it. Aligator Loki ate the neighbor’s cat, an act for which he was arrested by Time Authority.

He has Aligator physiology that allows his organism to operate at peak efficiency thanks to 65 million years of evolution. He demonstrated that he can take down lesser predators and excel in combat against common house cats. The strength of his bite is strong enough to bite through President Loki, in other words, Aligator Loki has a bite powerful enough to eat Asgardians/Frost Giants.

What limits this version of Loki is the fact that he can’t do magic, although his speech and reasoning are incredibly advanced and nothing short of miraculous, the fact alone that he can speak won’t help him much in combat. If this was the list of strongest Alligators I’m sure Aligator Loki would come out on top, but sadly, on this list, he is the weakest.

14. Boastful Loki

Boastful Loki

Boastful Loki hails from the TV series Loki as well. He is the variant that managed to defeat Captain America, and Iron Man and collect all six Infinity Stones. He took part in a massive betrayal but was ultimately the one version of Loki in the series that hadn’t managed to get away when President Loki invaded Loki’s palace.


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Of course, we have no way of knowing if Boastful Loki did indeed manage to take down the best that Avengers have to offer this is the reason why this version of Loki ended up so low on our list. Boastful Loki has all the standard Loki powers with the addition of being very proficient with the hammer and probably other ranges of melee weapons.

13. Kid Loki

Kid Loki

After his plan to return Asgard to its proper place in the Nine Realms failed and Asgard was actually destroyed Loki didn’t outlive it by long. He died in a fight against the Void but was never truly dead, instead, he reincarnated as Kid Loki. Kid Loki was eventually found by Thor, he lived under the name Serrure in Paris.

Thor couldn’t just forget about his little brother and decided to give him a second chance. This backfired catastrophically as no one could stand Loki. Odin blamed him for the destruction of Asgard, and Asgardians in general ignored him or outright threatened him and insulted him. This led to Loki growing aversion toward the people in general. The only person that loved and cherished him was Thor, and that would prove to be his downfall. Loki originally didn’t have the wrong intentions, he looked up to Thor and considered him his protector, and things started to change during the invasion of Galactus.

Loki hid Worldheart, not out of sinister intentions but to save both Thor and Asgard. Thor saw that the Worldheart was missing and feared that Loki betrayed them yet again, he lashed out at Loki and this left him severely hurt emotionally as his only protector didn’t trust him as well. Loki soon learned that he can never ever outrun his past. This version of Loki has all the same standard powers and abilities as the original Loki although significantly weaker due to being young and his powers not reaching their full potential.

12. Female Loki Sylvie Laufeydottir

Female Loki Sylvie Laufeydottir

Even though Loki is a famous shapeshifter, this version of Loki was born as a woman. Sylvie was likewise the daughter of King Laufey and shared her heritage with the original Loki. She was like many other variants of Loki arrested by TVA due to causing great harm to the Sacred Timeline. When it comes to powers and abilities Sylvie’s magical abilities came nowhere near to Loki due to her not receiving proper and formal training.

She is, however, greatly talented in magic and has managed to demonstrate several manipulative powers such as illusion, telekinesis, and weak to moderate mind control. Even though it’s important to note that due to her being a novice, anybody with a strong mental shield can easily resist her. She is considered to be among the weakest variants of Loki simply because of the fact that she wasn’t trained, her potential is great, however.

11. Agent of Asgard Loki

Agent of Asgard Loki

This version of Loki is the result of Kid Loki merging with Ikol which he previously transformed into a magpie. Agen of Asgard Loki is an aged version of Kid Loki, which means that he managed to regain some of his former powers and abilities. He used his newly enhanced powers to erase his past as a villain for a time


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10. President Loki

President Loki

President Loki angered the TVA by running for president of the United States. He eventually decided to go into an all-out fight with Kid Loki in a cold race for the title of the leader of The Void. He made a deal with Boastful Loki but decided to betray him, in an unexpected turn of events he was betrayed by an army (it was mostly made out of other Lokis so what did you expect).

This resulted in a fight during which he lost his hand to Aligator Loki. President Loki has charisma and manipulation of the standard Loki version but that’s pretty much it.

9. Sorcerer Supreme Loki

Sorcerer Supreme Loki

Sorcerer Supreme is a title not bestowed randomly and lightly onto anybody, except if you’re Loki. The Vishanti grew tired of the fact that the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme was held by a mortal, and after winning two tournaments in a row Doctor Strange was stripped of his title. Loki was proclaimed to be the next Sorcerer Supreme, even though he never attended the tournament at all.

Vishanti saw his efforts at improving as a positive sign that he is on the right track and considering the fact that he is among the most powerful magic users in the universe it made sense at the time. Sorcerer Supreme Loki inherited all the titles and powers that come with the title of Sorcerer of Supreme, pair that with his standard set of abilities, and there’s hardly a soul in the universe that can stop him.

8. God of Thunder Loki

God of thunder loki

The first version of Loki on this list that has Thor’s powers. The difference between this Loki and the one from Earth X is the fact that the God of Thunder Loki was created by Impossible Man. He was eventually destroyed by Galactus. When it comes to the powers and abilities it would seem that those were alike to Thor’s although to an arguably lesser extent.


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7. King Loki

King Loki

King Loki follows the resolution of the Agent of Asgard storyline where Kid Loki manages to save the day and end up the good guy for once. Even though Kid Loki managed to redeem himself, he still wasn’t welcome and he was still shunned and insulted, tied to the less flattering title of God of Lies. He eventually turned evil yet again and lashed out at the universe as a whole.

King Thor tried to stop him and King Loki resisted. Soon after this, he bound himself to All-Black the Necrosword which resulted in the Necrogod Loki version. This version of Loki has all the standard powers and abilities of Earth-616 Loki but centuries of practice led them to become even more potent. He excels at necromancy, manipulation, reality-altering Transmogrification, and levitation.

6. Dark Reign Loki

Dark Reign Loki

All versions of Loki are proficient in manipulation and shapeshifting but this version of Loki brought it to another level and managed to take the throne of Asgard and level his enemies (and allies) through it. This storyline includes Norman Osborn and his machinations that allow him to place himself as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and replace it with H.A.M.M.E.R.


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He quickly formed Cabal with Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Namor, female Loki, and the Hood. Cabal and H.A.M.M.E.R helped Loki to take over the throne of Asgard by killing Bor Odin’s father. Loki wasn’t planning on staying loyal to Osborn for long as he realized he was too dangerous to be left in charge. He disguised himself as Scarlet Witch to defeat the threat that Chthon presented and then wrapped up his involvement with Cabal by manipulating New Avengers to take down Osborn.

5. Earth X Loki

Loki Thor

On Earth-9997 Asgardians are not actually Gods, they are instead mutants created by Celestials and in order to stop them from reaching their full potential, they are mind-locked by Celestials to believe that they are unchanging and immortal. Loki figured this out and tried to tell Odin about it, however, he was mocked and no one truly believed him. Loki stabbed himself in the heart to reach Hela’s realm and from there he planned on how to resist the upcoming invasion of Celestials.

Celestials convinced Asgardians that they are dead and nonexistent, this didn’t work on Loki however and he managed to keep all his knowledge and memories. Eventually, Odin sent Thor to defeat Loki, Loki managed to get Thor on his side and the two invaded Asgard. Since in this reality, Asgardians have the power to shape themselves however they want if the perception is strong enough, this led to Loki assuming the identity, powers, and appearance of Thor. In Thor’s form, Loki managed to wield his own version of Mjolnir as well and assemble his own version of Avengers.

4. Ultimate Loki

Ultimate Loki

This version of Loki hails from Earth-1610. In Ultimate Universe, Loki is a true son of Odin with his mother being Frost Giant Farbauti. Loki allied himself with his mother, and Nazis in order to sate his anger and jealousy of Asgardians, with his powers of reality manipulation he tried to make Thor insane but was ultimately stopped by Odin.

This was version was in part powered by Norn Stones which he stole from Karnilla one of the greatest Asgardian sorceresses. When it comes to the powers Ultimate Loki possesses, we can speak about the aforementioned reality manipulation, spatial and temporal manipulation, teleportation, illusion summoning, and many other feats of sorcery paired with his Asgardian physiology.

3. Classic Loki


Classic Loki from Earth-616 had a rough start, he was abandoned by his father and his race of Frost Giants due to his size. What none of them expected was the fact that he would soon be adopted by Odin and would develop into an immensely powerful being sharing both traits of Asgardians and Frost Giants. He has superhuman strength, speed, durability, lifespan, and intelligence.

In addition to this, he is also among the greatest sorcerers that Asgard has ever seen being able to manipulate matter, use telekinesis, and teleportation, and occasionally he can even manipulate space-time. His shapeshifting powers are also legendary as well. Besides being able to use a range of magic-related abilities Loki received training in various sorts of melee weaponry and is regarded as one of the most skilled swordsmen in Asgard. Unfortunately, Loki most often used his powers to clash with other superheroes, most notably with his own adoptive family, Asgard and the Avengers.

2. House of Ideas Loki

House of Ideas Loki

This version of Loki managed to gain access to the House of Ideas, a place of origin for all there is. Since the House of Ideas is the “birthplace” of ideas, thoughts, stories, and creativity, Loki soon adopted the monicker of “God of Stories”. Since the House of Ideas is residing place of One Above All it contains powers to alter reality in the way one sees fit. Loki used the powers to re-imagine himself as a god and to re-write history with the narrative that he isn’t actually a bad guy, to make himself worthy of Mjolnir, and to make just about anything he wishes to be true – actually true.

1. Necrogod Loki

Necrogod Loki

This version of Loki hails from All-Black the Necroverse and is regarded as the most powerful version of Loki. After the resolution of Agent of Asgard, Kid Loki, and King Loki’s storylines, Loki swore vengeance upon every living thing, and by the end of the storyline, he managed to wreak destruction of cosmic proportions upon the world. Necrogod Loki was able to bind with All-Black the Necrosword after tricking Ego the Necroworld and eventually putting him on the other end of the sword that he stole from him.


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Most notably, Necrogod Loki clashed with Old King Thor in a fight that ended with the sun being extinguished, he also managed to massacre the entire population of Earth. Necrogod Loki boasts all powers with abilities that classic Loki has with the addition of necromancy and time travel. The most important thing about this version of Loki is the fact that he is bound with All-Black, due to wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, he is unstoppable and capable of great destruction.

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