Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Moms (Marvel and DC)


Comic books have done a great job of humanizing their characters. Most are relatable. Most have common problems with not-so-common solutions. And most worry about the same things that you and I worry about. They are, for the most part, as human as you and I. Of all the attributes that make comic characters human, nothing does it better than making them a parent. I mean, there’s something pure about raising a child that everyone can relate to. 

So…some superheroes have children. For every superhero currently out ridding the world of crime, violence, and hate, there was once a mom changing their diapers, feeding them, and nursing them back to health when they got sick. Although we rarely get to see how most of today’s superheroes were raised, we do occasionally get to see how the next generation of superheroes is raised.

But who are they? Who are the superheroes who are moms? Great question. Let’s take a look at our list of the best superhero moms.

10. Mary Jane Watson 

Annie Parker is the daughter of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker…albeit from a different timeline. Annie comes from Earth-18119 and was created by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert. She first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 in June of 2015.  As the daughter of Peter Parker, she has all the abilities that you’d expect her to have.


Sue Storm, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, and Catie Scott

She has also been given a set of her dad’s web-shooters, is extremely acrobatic, and has a gifted mind. Even though being a superhero is something that Mary Jane should be proud of, knowing that both Annie and Peter are up at night doing the same thing probably results in some sleepless nights.

9. Tigra

William Grant Nelson (named after Tigra’s late husband) was conceived after the Skrull Criti Noll took the form of Hank Pym and had an affair with Tigra. It was revealed that Criti Noll’s impersonation of Hank was perfect (down to the genetic level) and therefore William was considered the genetic offspring of Hank and Tigra. 

As the offspring of Hank Pym and Tigra, William was the perfect target as a test subject for Norman Osborne and his experimentation. Unwilling to let this happen to William, Tigra took the boy and left him in the care of the Cat People. The Cat People, for reference, are the same people who gave Tigra her powers. William, like Tigra, possesses tiger-type fur, fangs, claws, a tail, and cat-like eyes. 

8. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is a bit of an anomaly on this list of superheroes who are moms. While she did have two young boys to call her own, it was later revealed that the two boys were created by her and only existed when she was near. Once the world was made wise to this, Agatha Harkness cast a spell and made the Scarlet Witch forget about them. Once she forgot, the boys ceased to be. 

Even though she did but didn’t really have two children, Scarlet Witch was still a mother…at least in her own eyes. She felt pain when they cried, hurt when they hurt, and nursed them back to health when they were sick. This is why she lands on the superheroes who are moms list.

7. Big Barda

Jacob is the newborn baby Darkseid requests from Big Barda and Mister Miracle (Scott Free) in exchange for ending the war between Apokolips and New Genesis. The name Jacob is a clever reference to Jacob’s ladder or the ladder used to escape the X-Pit on Apokolips. While Barda instantly fell in love with the newborn, Scott did what almost all dads do and questions what he’s looking at. 

“I don’t know,” Scott says to Barda. “He looks more like a… just like a lump.” As it turned out, the lump was responsible for ending the war but not because Barda and Scott traded him to Darkseid. The lump was responsible because his presence allowed the two to get close enough to Darkseid to kill him. 

6. Crystal

Although the marriage between Crystal and Quicksilver was short-lived, they did find time to produce a child. That child, Luna, was the Marvel Universe’s first half-inhuman, half-mutant baby. As half-inhuman and half-mutant, Luna’s genetic makeup canceled out any abilities from either subgroup. As such, Luna was born neither a mutant nor an Inhuman.


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Disgusted by the thought of having a human daughter, Quicksilver exposed Luna to the Terrigen Mists. Her exposure caused her to gain a visual empathy-type ability. This means that she was now able to see and experience the emotions of others simply by looking at them. Over time, Luna was repeatedly exposed to the Mists and as a result, was transformed into a complete empath. As one, she is able to sense, change, and remove emotion completely from any she chooses.

5. Catwoman

Catwoman Darwyn Cooke

There is a version of Catwoman that conceived a child with Batman. That version comes from Earth-2 and that child is Huntress. 

Helena Wayne was born in 1957 and enjoyed all the privileges that came with being born to the Wayne Family. By the middle of the 1970s, Helena was well on her way to becoming a young woman. Sadly, in 1976 the unthinkable happened and her mother was blackmailed to return to a life of crime.

This ultimately resulted in her death. Looking to avenge her death, Helena fashioned a costume, took arms with some of her parent’s weaponry, and set out to bring those responsible to justice. Now called Huntress, she did just that. As Huntress, Helena is a highly trained marksman, gymnast, and combatant. She has also spent time as both Robin and Batwoman.

4. Hippolyta 

Origin of Hippolyta

Hippolyta is the mother to one of the most famous superheroes of all time. Of course, I refer to Wonder Woman.

As one of the oldest characters in DC, Hippolyta has the near-countless experience to draw from. Her experience has made her extremely good in hand-to-hand combat and given her intelligence that most can only dream of. As a Themyscirian Amazon, she is immortal and never ages a day past her prime. This means that she never looks older than 30-35. As a Themyscirian, she can also become one with the land as a way to heal from almost any injury. On top of that, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, and stamina. 

Hippolyta isn’t only one of the most powerful superheroes who are moms, but she’s also one of the most powerful superheroes…period.

3. Mera

The most tragic of all the mothers on this superheroes who are moms list, Mera is the mother of the ill-fated Aquababy. Aquababy is most known for three things. First, he was able to create life from the water. Second, he has the dubious honor of being the baby abducted and murdered by a Black Manta

And third, his death tore his parents apart and they separated. Aside from his death, the most tragic thing about Aquababy is that he had the potential to become the most powerful being roaming the seven seas. Because he was the son of Mera and Aquaman, he had incredible blood running through his veins and access to only the best forms of training. His future was unlimited. Unfortunately, because of Black Manta, we will never know just how great he could’ve been. 

2. Jean Grey 

Jean Grey

There may not be a more confusing mother/child relationship on this list of superheroes who are moms than Jean Grey and her children. Madelyne Pryor is the genetic clone of Jean Grey. Cable is the son of Madeline Pryor. As a perfect copy of Jean Grey, it can be assumed that Cable is also Jean’s son. 

X-Man is an alternate version of Cable. While Cable hails from the future, X-Man hails from the “Age of Apocalypse” timeline, or Earth-295. X-Man, like Cable is the biological son of Cyclops and Jean Grey…albeit with some help from Mr. Sinister.


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Rachel Summers (Phoenix) comes from a dystopian-type future. Whereas X-Man comes from Earth-295, Rachel comes from Earth-811. Like her mother who shares a bond with the Phoenix Force, Rachel also shares a bond. Her attachment to the Phoenix Force has given her the superhero name Phoenix.

1. Freyja

Origin of Freyja

Wife to Odin and mother to Thor and Loki, Freyja is one of the most powerful of all superheroes who are moms.

Freyja was once a Vanir Goddess whose father, Freyr, fought against her future husband, Odin Borson. To create a time of peace between the families, her family struck a deal with Odin. The terms of the deal saw Freyja wed Odin, thereby uniting the two families under one group of people – – the Asgardians.

As an Asgardian, Freyja is near-immortal and resistant to both illness and disease. In addition, she possesses superhuman durability, strength, and endurance, is able to speak in most known languages, and wields some of the most powerful magic in the multiverse.

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