Is Batman Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? All Romantic Relationships Explained

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The Caped Crusader devoted his life to fighting crime and upholding justice from a very young age. For someone who has honed his body and mind into the perfect weapon for fighting crime, he is often misconstrued as cold, unfeeling, and uninterested in romance. But he has had his fair share of romantic involvements, which usually begs the question is Batman gay, bisexual, or straight?

Batman is straight. He has been involved with numerous women in comics and movies, particularly Selina Kyle/ Catwoman. There’s no indication that he was ever involved with a member of the same gender.

This article will explore The Dark Knight’s sexuality by analyzing his romantic interests in the comics as well as the movies. So, if this sounds like something you’d be thrilled to read about, stay tuned! It will be an intriguing read.

Batman’s romantic interests in comics and movies

Bruce Wayne boasts many different facets to his personality including being a philanthropist, detective, vigilante, playboy, and father figure. He is one complex character and this usually doesn’t bode well for his relationships in the comics as well as the films.

The fragile reality of comics and films doesn’t allow us to wonder where Batman would find time to pursue his romantic interests given his “extra-curricular activities.” However, the truth of the matter is that he has been involved with various lovers over the years.

This section will mention his love interests in comic arcs and films to give a picture of his sexual orientation.

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In DC Comics:

Some of Batman’s love interests in the comics include:

1. Julie Madison

Julie was Batman’s first major love interest. Her first appearance was in Detective Comics, 1939. For a time, he was willing to shelve his identity as Batman for her, and at some point, she was engaged to him. They eventually parted ways as Batman’s double life became too much for her.

2. Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, first appeared in 1940’s Batman #1 and the attraction between them was immediately evident. The two had decades of an on-and-off passionate relationship that would make Catwoman Batman’s most popular love interest among fans. Though they often find themselves on different sides of the law, it’s clear that the two share a deep bond.

3. Vicki Vale

While Superman’s main love was journalist Lois Lane, he wasn’t the only member of the Justice League who was involved with a journalist. Vicky Vale first made an appearance in 1948’s Batman #49. She was often attempting to prove that Batman is Bruce Wayne but was dropped in the 1960s. She returned in Batman #344 where she and Bruce became romantically involved.

4. Linda Page

Linda is one of Batman’s first romances after he parted ways with Julie Madison. She debuted in Batman #5 and her relationship with Bruce was complicated, to say the least. She seemed to be more interested in Batman than Bruce which is why he never revealed his true identity to her.

5. Talia al Ghul

In Detective Comics #411, Batman met the daughter of his enemy Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul. Unfortunately, she was a member of the League of Assassins and this, coupled with the fact that she was Ra’s daughter, did their romance no favors. Later, we learn that their brief union spawned Damian Wayne who would become Robin.

Batman and Talia had a son, Damian, who became Robin.

6. Silver St Cloud

First appearing in Detective Comics #469, Silver was a wealthy socialite who dated Batman. She deduced Batman’s true identity after some time and was okay with who Bruce was. She was worried he’d one day get hurt but eventually lets it all go, getting engaged to Bruce. Sadly, she was murdered before Batman’s very eyes by Onomatopoeia.

7. Dr. Shondra Kinsolving

Shondra and Bruce first met when she was working with Tim Drake’s paralyzed dad. She would later help Bruce after he was severely injured while fighting Bane. It was during his rehabilitation that the two would realize their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, her evil brother kidnapped her and she was left with brain damage.

Some of Batman’s other love interests include Jezebel Jet, Natalia Knight, Julia Pennyworth, and Zatanna.

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In movies:

In movies, Batman was romantically involved with:

1. Julie Madison

In the 1977 film Batman & Robin, Julie Madison is involved with Bruce Wayne. Her intimate and conversational scenes with Bruce are some of the best scenes in the film. Surprisingly, she never discovers Batman’s true identity.

2. Vicki Vale

Tim Burton’s1989 mega-hit Batman stars Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale. She’s a photographer at the Gotham Globe who has her sights fixed on the enigmatic Bruce Wayne, eventually falling for him.

3. Dr. Chase Meridian

Dr. Chase Meridian is a character created for the film Batman Forever. After witnessing Batman’s fight with Two-Face, she becomes obsessed with him. Throughout the film, the two characters’ interest in each other often feels driven more by lust than anything else.

4. Rachel Dawes

Another original character created for the films, Rachel Dawes appears in Batman Begins and its follow-up The Dark Knight. In both films, we see Rachel through Bruce’s eyes. She is his childhood best friend and serves as his conscience on his journey to becoming Batman. She represents Bruce’s hope for a normal life of love, which she’s uncomfortable with.

5. Miranda Tate

She is one of Batman’s more complex love interests in film history and appears in The Dark Knight Rises. She’s a board member of Wayne Enterprises and a philanthropist to boot. Eventually, she becomes Bruce Wayne’s lover, and it’s all the more exciting when her true identity as Talia al Ghul comes to light.

6. Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

Without a shadow of a doubt, Selina Kyle is Batman’s most memorable love interest in The Caped Crusader’s rich film history. This is probably the reason she’s appeared in several films including Batman Returns, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Batman.

Batman and Catwoman had a complex relationship in 22022’sThe Batman.
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The Bottom Line: Is Batman Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

After reviewing Batman’s romantic history in both the comics and films, all indicators point to the fact that he is straight. While it isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere, we can surmise as much based on the numerous women he’s been involved with throughout the years. Nowhere have we seen him have a romantic or sexual interaction with a man.

However, one character who’s always made us doubt Batman’s sexuality as being straight is The Joker. The two have an unending love-hate relationship and an obsession with each other that some fans interpret as some form of twisted romance.

The Joker has an obsession with Batman that could be interpreted as “love”

However, it could be argued that The Clown Prince of Crime has a thing for Batsy and not the other way around. So, using The Joker as a basis for Batman’s queerness makes no sense.

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