Sydney Sweeney Confirms to Be Playing Julia Carpenter in ‘Madame Web’ Film

Julia Carpenter as Madame Web

Sony has been ramping up their Spider-Man Cinematic Universe, and there have been many updates in the past few days, even when the industry is going through one of the worst crises it has ever faced. The Writer/Actors’ strike is in full-on mode, and studios are trying to keep the hype high for their projects even when writers and actors cannot promote them. And so, ‘Venom 3’ is getting ready to reveal its villain, Kraven gets delayed to 2024; and now one of the most mysterious projects in the Sony Spider-Man library, ‘Madame Web‘, is finally releasing some details.

In this case, it is about Sydney Sweeney, one of the most popular young actresses in the industry thanks to her work in ‘Euphoria,’ one of the most popular HBO shows in recent memory. Sweeney has become famous mostly for her looks, but she has been proving this year, with the release of the film ‘Reality’ that she is an impressive performer and also a savvy producer. She knows how to sell her image, and she is taking advantage of it every single second. In her most recent profile for Variety, one of the biggest trade publications in Hollywood, Sweeney finally reveals her role in Madame Web.

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Sweeney will be playing a character named Julia Carpenter. This name is quite familiar to those in the know, as it is the name of a character that becomes Spider-Woman. Carpenter is also the victim of an accident that transforms her into a female version of Peter Parker, with the same number of abilities, and some more, creating one of the most popular female characters in the Marvel roster of heroes. Carpenter is a character that has been part of the Avengers, and she has even been part of major Marvel events such as ‘Secret Wars,’ for which we know there is a movie coming on the Marvel Studios side of things.


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Having the character of Julia Carpenter in a movie named “Madame Web” gives us huge hints about what the story could be about. In the comics, while Julia is mostly known to play the part of Spider-Woman, she has also recently taken on the mantle of Madame Web.

For those who don’t know, Madame Web is a powerful mutant that can use all kinds of psychic powers, including telepathy and astral projection. The Web gets involved with Peter Parker in a number of stories while also passing her powers to Julia Carpenter at some point, turning her into the new Madame Web.

Could the movie tell the story of the torch passing from one Madame Web to another? It is very possible and would be a very interesting angle to take. Instead of watching just another classic story framed in the Spider-Man canon, it would be great for the movie to explore characters like Madame Web, whose actions go beyond the Earthly plane and into the cosmic realm of the Marvel Universe. We will see what it happens when the movie is finally released on February 14, 2024.

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