‘The Acolyte’ Episode 5 Draws Comparisons to Andor Amid Brutal Bloodshed


Disney’s latest Star Wars venture, The Acolyte, has been available for streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024. Despite facing controversies and review-bombing, the series remains a global talking point, with fans eagerly anticipating each new episode. Recent developments in the series have sparked intense fan discussion, particularly moments that challenge established canon. However, Episode 5 marks a potential turning point for the series, featuring a significant Jedi massacre orchestrated by The Master. This grim plot twist, which resulted in the deaths of five supporting characters and two major Jedi, was deemed crucial for advancing the storyline, leaving only two survivors as anticipated.

The impact of Episode 5 has led fans to draw comparisons with another popular Star Wars show, specifically “The Eye,” the sixth episode of Andor. Many online discussions highlight similarities between these two episodes, which we will explore further below.

As we discussed earlier, a theory we supported correctly anticipated the demise of the five unnamed supporting characters, swiftly executed by The Master in Episode 5, showcasing his formidable nature. However, while the theory proved accurate in this regard, it failed to predict the fate of the main characters. Despite expectations that Yord and Jecki would survive the bloodshed, both fell victim to The Master’s ruthless actions, a shocking twist. On the other hand, Master Sol’s survival was anticipated, given his superior strength and skill.

Following these dramatic developments, fans praised the bold narrative direction of The Acolyte. Yet, some also drew parallels between Episode 5 of The Acolyte and Episode 6 of the beloved Andor series, noting the following:

“Haven’t seen a Star Wars show kill so many protagonists since The Eye in Andor.”

jsun31 on Reddit

“They went out of the way to show that they were actually dead too. Yord with the neck snap and Jecki with the multiple sabers to the chest. The only remaining people who saw Qimir’s face are Sol and Osha so at least one of them is going to die….”

NekBodesh on Reddit

“Sol gonna sacrifice himself to make things right. And Osha ain’t ever going back to the Jedi. This show is called The Acolyte and it’s setting itself up to be just that. Not some happy ending for the Jedi involved. They are not the main characters and the premise is not on their side.”

zrizzoz on Reddit

“That whole fight scene was actually really well done. Choreography was amazing, some new moves sprinkled in, and the darkness with the glowing sabers was eye candy”

DunkNaggets on Reddit

The Acolyte is now receiving enthusiastic praise from fans, which is a positive development. It’s refreshing to see the show delivering compelling entertainment, though its future trajectory remains uncertain. We’re hopeful that it will continue to uphold its current standard of excellence. Stay tuned with us for updates on its evolution!

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