The Development of the ‘Nightwing’ Movie Is Rumored to Be “Canceled”

The Development of the 'Nightwing' Movie Is Rumored to Be ‘Canceled'

DC Comics has some of the most iconic characters “embedded” in popular culture. One of them is Batman, but his initial supporting characters became more popular as the years passed, and one of them is Dick Grayson. The first Robin and the original Boy Wonder has been a fan-favorite for decades, especially when he assumed the mantle of Nightwing, a superhero who helps his adoptive father and protects a city located in New Jersey, Blüdhaven. Despite his popularity in comics, there haven’t been that good live-action adaptation, with HBO’s ‘Titans’ being the closest to the source material.

For years, there have been rumors that a ‘Nightwing’ movie will be developed for the ‘Snyderverse,’ but the potential project’s sporadic updates have been less frequent, especially with the DC Universe reboot. The recent confirmation of industry journalists saw that the ‘Nightwing’ project might as well be canceled – for good.

Journalist confirms that Chris McKay’s ‘Nightwing’ project is canceled for good

We all love good adaptations and content that will bring us our favorite superhero characters on the big screen. Of course, one is better than the other, and sometimes we are extremely disappointed, but live-action adaptations always carry a certain excitement.

Nightwing is a superhero who is one of the original characters from Batman’s lore and one of the first members of the Bat Family. The fan-favorite Boy Wonder is currently enjoying a great comic book run by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, but years ago, when the DC projects were “flying left and right” with Arrowverse and ‘The LEGO Movie,’ the director of the later project, Chris McKay planned for a live-action adaptation of Dick Grayson and his journey as Nightwing.

At the time, ‘Snyderverse‘ was at its “peak” with ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ just being released. However, the beginning of the ‘Nightwing’ project came across difficulties because Zack Snyder confirmed that Dick Grayson as Robin died before the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ movie.

Despite this, McKay still wanted to create the project that focuses on the former Batman sidekick, but it seems that the project is ‘dead,’ this time for real.


‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti Plays Coy About Possibly Directing ‘The Brave and the Bold’

Umberto Gonzales, the journalist for ‘The Wrap,’ confirmed on Twitter today that McKay’s Nightwing project is ‘dead’ for good. The last news about the project was released years ago, so it’s not surprising that the ‘Nightwing’ movie won’t be in development.

With the DC Universe reboot and other projects planned that will incorporate the Bat Family, it seems that we don’t need this movie – there is a possibility we will see the full cast of the Bat Family in ‘The Brave and the Bold’ movie that is confirmed to being directed by ‘The Flash’ director Andy Muschietti.

This is a more exciting possibility than another solo movie that, in all honesty, doesn’t have a place in the current DC Universe, at least for now.

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