The Premiere of ‘Echo’ Moved to January 9th


Fans of the MCU have plenty to be excited about in January. The first show under the spotlight banner is releasing, and it’s going to be an action-packed R-rated “standalone” show that follows ‘Hawkeye’s’ Maya Lopez on her path of vengeance and destruction. 

‘Echo’ was originally supposed to be released on January 10th, but the latest trailer and promo for the show presents a “day early” release date as the show will arrive on Tuesday, 6 pm PT on January 9th. 

This is not the first Disney+ show to be released in such a manner. The streaming service has been trying to emulate cable TV for quite some time now, releasing its highly expected content in prime time blocks to gain a spike of viewership and to give the fans the same type of experience that networks like, for example, HBO have with the release of their tentpole series such as ‘Game of Thrones’ for example. 

Both ‘Loki’ and ‘Ahsoka’ were released in a similar manner, and it looks like the trend will continue. ‘Echo’ is special in one more regard as well: the show will drop all five episodes at once, which makes it a perfect binge for early January. 


MCU’s ‘Echo’ Is Canon & Here’s How It Fits Into the Timeline

‘Echo’ was announced shortly after the ‘Hawkeye’ series wrapped up, and the fans were at first confused as to why Alaqua Cox’s Echo was getting her standalone show in the first place. 

The show was also in development hell for quite some time as Marvel Studios gave the impression that they didn’t care about it anymore. Then, a few weeks ago, the first trailer dropped, and the news arrived that ‘Echo’ will be an R-rated marvel placed under the Marvel Spotlight banner, meaning that you don’t have to watch the entire MCU to understand the show. Shows under the Marvel Spotlight will be character-driven experience that anyone will be able to enjoy. 

Fans got hyped by shots of bloody Kingpin, the rumors that Daredevil will appear, and several statements from the showrunners that Echo will be a story about a villain without a redemption arc. There’s also a newly added twis to Echo’s superpowers, which will be completely revamped when compared to her comics version. 

In any case, we’re excited about ‘Echo,’ are you too? Let us know in the comments below!

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