MCU’s ‘Echo’ Is Canon & Here’s How It Fits Into the Timeline

MCUs ‘Echo Is Canon Heres How It Fits into the Timeline

The first trailer for the ‘Echo’ series just dropped, and even though it didn’t initially grab much attention from fans, the intense action scenes have completely won us over. What’s even more intriguing is the recent announcement that the ‘Echo’ series will be the inaugural Marvel-based show to come out under the ‘Marvel Spotlight’ banner. That means you don’t need any prior knowledge of the character or the MCU in general to dive into it. Now, fans are left wondering if the show is part of the MCU and if it follows a specific timeline.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • ‘Echo’ is canon to the MCU despite being released under the ‘Marvel Spotlight’ banner.
  • The series takes place following the events of ‘Hawkeye’ series, which is set in December 2024.
  • Some parts of the series will allegedly take place during the blip and before the events of ‘Hawkeye’

‘Echo’ is the first Marvel series to be rated TV-MA and released under ‘Marvel Spotlight’

Initially, Echo’s standalone show seemed like it had been forgotten, given the production issues and numerous delays. It almost felt like Marvel Studios wasn’t putting much care into the project. Many fans questioned why Maya Lopez was getting her own show in the first place. For a while, there was a lack of news or leaks about the show, leaving it in a state of limbo.

Now, with the release of the first trailer and additional updates, the new direction that the MCU is taking becomes evident. Echo is set to be released under the ‘Marvel Spotlight’ banner, meaning you don’t need prior knowledge of the MCU or its characters to enjoy the show.

One thing that has been a bit of a headache for casual MCU fans is the need to watch a ton of movies and mini-series to fully grasp the current show they’re interested in. The MCU is a vast, interconnected cinematic universe, and while that’s a known fact, it shouldn’t be mandatory for newcomers to watch a plethora of movies just to understand the latest project.


Marvel’s ‘Echo’: List of Filming Locations

It’s important to maintain the interconnected nature of the MCU, but newcomers shouldn’t be compelled to watch five movies with vague references to the current project they’re watching. ‘Echo’ is not the only series planned for ‘Marvel Spotlight’ release; Alex P. mentioned on X that upcoming projects like ‘Nova’ and ‘Ghostrider’ will follow the same premise.

Next, ‘Echo’ is set to be the inaugural MCU-related show on Disney+ to carry a TV-MA rating. If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, it’s pretty intense. The action scenes are plentiful, and the main character isn’t exactly the epitome of squeaky-clean. Maya Lopez won’t be your typical villain-turned-anti-hero.

Throughout most of the Hawkeye series, she takes on the role of the villain. Initially, it looked like she might follow the typical antihero path once she discovered the truth. However, in Echo’s standalone show, it appears her journey will portray her as a “villain doing wrong things,” marking a significant departure from the usual narrative in the MCU.

Echo series MCU

Consider the ‘Loki’ series as an example. Loki, a prominent villain in the MCU who played the primary antagonist in ‘Avengers’ and ‘Thor’ movies, took a redemptive path in his own standalone show. He formed close friendships and even found love. However, don’t anticipate Echo to follow a similar trajectory.

‘Echo’ is definitely canon to the MCU

Even though ‘Echo’ is making its debut under ‘Marvel Spotlight,’ it remains canon within the MCU. It serves as a spinoff of the ‘Hawkeye’ series, which is undeniably part of the canon. The show will showcase characters who have already made their appearance in the MCU, as well as those like Daredevil, who are set to debut soon. Despite the unique rating and release approach, there’s no reason to question ‘Echo’s’ canon status.

When does ‘Echo’ take place?

‘Echo’ primarily unfolds after the events of the ‘Hawkeye’ series. Her journey will involve both healing and seeking vengeance. Given that the ‘Hawkeye’ series transpired in December 2024 after the Blip, ‘Echo’ will be set sometime after that.

Yet again, for additional insights, we’re relying on X scoops. Despite the majority of the series taking place post-‘Hawkeye,’ Charles Murphy reveals that certain segments of the show will delve into the Blip itself and even the period preceding ‘Hawkeye.’ This revelation doesn’t catch us off guard, considering the apparent use of flashbacks in the show.

In the current timeline of the show, Daredevil won’t make an appearance, but he will be showcased in flashbacks.

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