The Young Avengers Might Be a Live-Action Movie According to Rumors

The young avengers

The Young Avengers are a superhero team in Marvel Comics comprised of young and emerging heroes who come together to fill the void left by the original Avengers. Led by characters like Wiccan and Hulkling, the team consists of youngsters with unique powers and backgrounds, including Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Cassie Lang (Stature), and others. The Young Avengers often dealt with threats beyond their years while trying to be adolescents and forging their identities as heroes.

‘The Marvels’ set up the Young Avengers in the best way possible; following the conclusion of the main plot, Kamala Khan gets the intel from Fury on all superpowered and super-skilled individuals and goes out of her way to recruit them under the banner of Young Avengers, this wasn’t stated outright of course, but she did say she wants to form the team and keep its ranks young. 


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So far, the MCU has confirmed three members of the Young Avengers, Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan, and Cassie Lang. So, where does this leave us? It’s obvious that some type of project will be developed (or it’s currently being developed) that deals with The Younger Avengers, but according to Alex Perez, a source of trustworthy scoops and rumors, it won’t be a Disney+ show, it’s going to be a movie. 

This makes sense, as the Young Avengers would technically be emerging at a time when the MCU is lacking its core team – the Avengers. There had been some rumors that Marvel Studios is thinking about bringing back the likes of Iron Man and Black Widow, but this so far hasn’t been confirmed to be entirely correct. 

In any case, what ‘The Marvels’ did with the recruitment and Kamala Khan sets up the premise perfectly. We hope it truly leads somewhere. 

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