How ‘The Marvels’ Sets up the Young Avengers

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It isn’t a secret that the MCU is now getting younger and younger with the introduction of fresh new faces that are set to headline Marvel Studios for decades to come. We know that ‘The Marvels’ has its own fresh face in the form of the enthusiastic and charismatic Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. But it was a surprise to see that Kamala actually made it a point to try to set up the Young Avengers. And that’s what we are here to talk about.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kamala Khan noticed that Nick Fury and SABER have been keeping tabs on every superpowered vigilante on the planet, including the younger ones.
  • After realizing how fun it was to work in a team, Kamala got an idea.
  • Kamala uses Nick Fury’s intel on young superheroes to go on a recruitment spree.

SABER’s superhero intel

Early in the storyline of ‘The Marvels,’ Kamala Khan got entangled with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. Due to the related nature of their powers and the fact that Dar-Benn wielded the other half of the pair of Bangles from the Noor Dimension, Kamala constantly switched places with the two adult women. That was how she ended up getting herself involved in the larger events that included the Kree Empire and a plot to destroy the Earth.


Of course, Kamala was able to find herself back home after the initial series of switching with Carol and Monica. But the battle with the Kree soldiers left the Khan household uninhabitable, as Nick Fury and Monica paid a visit to Kamala to explain what was happening to her and the other characters involved in this fiasco.

Fury’s visit to the Khan household allowed Kamala to learn that he had been keeping tabs on her. He had an entire file that was related to Kamala, her powers, and the entire Khan family. While any other hero would have been more than repulsed by the fact that Fury and the government had been keeping an eye on her, Kamala was actually amazed as all she wanted to do was to work as a superhero together with Captain Marvel and the Avengers.


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The point is that Monica did indeed admit that SABER had been keeping an eye on every superpowered being or vigilante on Earth. That means that there are other people on SABER’s surveillance list.

A taste of how teamwork works

As mentioned, Kamala got herself entangled with the powers of Carol and Monica. Whenever they used their powers, they switched places with one another. This proved to be a problem throughout the entire movie because it held back Captain Marvel, who should have been more than enough to defeat Dar-Benn all on her own.

Nevertheless, while the trio was on its way to Aladna to prevent the Kree from stealing water from that planet, they practiced their timing and coordination in relation to how they were going to switch with one another. It took a while for them to actually find a way to become more coordinated with their timing as they struggled against Dar-Benn on Aladna. However, in the final battle with the Kree leader, they were able to switch with one another flawlessly to defeat Dar-Benn.

marvels trio

At the end of the movie, Kamala and Carol had a moment with one another while they were sitting inside Maria Rambeau’s old plane. Kamala told Carol that she misses Monica and that she actually enjoyed teaming up with her and Captain Marvel. But in telling Carol that she loved teaming up with her and Monica, Kamala was able to admit that working as a team was actually better and enjoyable.


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Kamala now has a taste of what effective teamwork could do. As someone who dreams of being an Avenger, she has only seen and heard the stories of how the Avengers were able to work together to defeat powerful enemies. But teaming up with Captain Marvel allowed Ms. Marvel to experience firsthand what working with a team was all about. And she became hungrier for teamwork.

Kamala goes on a recruitment spree

After that scene with Carol in Louisiana, the scene shifted to New York as Kate Bishop, whom we know became the new Hawkeye under the tutelage of Clint Barton in the ‘Hawkeye’ series, arrived in her safe house. But she noticed that there was someone waiting for her in the dark, and she was quick to confront this person.

In her best Nick Fury impersonation, Kamala asked Kate if she thought that she was the only teenage superhero in the world, to which Kate replied that she was already 23, effectively telling Kamala that she was actually an adult. Nevertheless, they both got each other’s points as Kamala showed Kate that she had SABER’s intel on her and all of the other young heroes working as vigilantes.

Kamala recruited Kate to team up with her, as it was clear that Bishop wasn’t exactly disagreeing with the plan. This means that Kamala and Kate are the first two characters to become part of a Young Avengers initiative. And we know that the Young Avengers are important parts of Marvel Comics.


At this point, it is unclear who will eventually join the Young Avengers, but we already have our ideas. Cassie Lang is the first person who comes into mind as Kamala even asked Kate if she knew that Ant-Man had a daughter, who we know is Cassie. Likely rounding up the girl power Young Avengers initiative are Riri Williams (Ironheart), America Chavez, and possibly even Shuri (the new Black Panther), who is still in her early 20s.


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But there’s a good chance that more heroes would make their way into the Young Avengers. Peter Parker may have been around for a while already, but he is still young because he is in his teen years and is set to enter college. It is even possible that an MCU version of Miles Morales is going to make his way to our screens and become part of the Young Avengers.

Younger possibilities include Love (Thor’s adoptive child) and the new T’Challa. At this point, the possibilities are endless. But what we do know is that Nick Fury most likely gave his blessing to Kamala because she wouldn’t have the intel on these young heroes if Fury hadn’t given her the tablet computer. Of course, Fury owes her for saving the planet, and we do know that the SABER director is a close friend of Captain Marvel, who knows that Ms. Marvel is ready to take on such a responsibility.

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