‘Titans’ Season 4: Where Is Beast Boy?!?

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Beast Boy was initially one of the founding members of the Titans and provided high value to the team with his shapeshifting abilities. However, there are many complaints that the Titans show does not do his character justice and that he is more of a ‘sideline’ guy in comparison to the other members of the team, like Nightwing, Starfire, and Raven. ”Titans” season 4 did not change that, and in two episodes following the midseason finale, Gar is nowhere to be seen. However, there is a reason for that. So where is Beast Boy?

Beast Boy is most likely stuck at Caul’s Folly. After the midseason finale, the Titans travel to Caul’s Folly to obtain the Horn and to stop May and Sebastian from resurrecting Trigon. After Gar saved the team in the midseason finale by following his visions and going to ‘The Red’ at the right moment, Beast Boy is most likely still there. Season nine of the show is titled ”Dude, Where’s My Gar?”, and we will get more answers about what happened to him.

So far, Beast Boy’s journey in season 4 has been filled with overwhelming visions and being a ”keep the watch” kind of guy while others enter the battles and go on missions. In the next few paragraphs, you can find out what is happening with Gar in Season 4 of the show and where he is after the events of a Blood Moon ritual.

Beast Boy is having visions coming from The Red

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The first glimpse at Beast Boy in season four is when he and the rest of the team are having fun bowling. Gar used his abilities then and transformed his arm into an octopus tentacle. It was all fun and games until the team went to Metropolis to STAR labs.

Even though the goal of their trip was for Conner to meet Superman, things didn’t go as planned. Upon arriving at STAR labs, the Titans were gladly welcomed, with the only misfortune being that Superman had to leave beforehand, so Conner did not get the chance to meet his father finally. Beast Boy got his uniform, made by STAR Labs which would enable him to transform into any animal without suffering the embarrassment of being naked afterward.

However, things started to go sideways from there. As Gar tried the suit on, he had a vision. And while It was only for a brief moment when he came to his senses the team informed him that he had demolished the lab and turned into a gorilla, velociraptor, and armadillo.


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We did not get to see him transform, as the show producers decided that it is much better for their budget that Beast Boy transforms as much as possible off-screen and that the audience is later informed about his transformations. And unfortunately, that resulted in Beast Boy being depicted as a powerful part of the team, but we only see his transformations on rare occasions.

Anyway, the first part of the fourth season prepared Gar for what was coming. Even though he did not initially know what his visions meant and what is the place where visions took him from time to time, he gradually came to understand. As the voices from his vision were calling him to join them, he learned that the place was called The Red and that he would play an important part in the battle that was about to go down against Mother Mayhem.

Beast Boy’s spiritual journey begins

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Even though the fourth season had Gar on the sidelines, for the most part, his dealing with his visions and entering fights in a human form, we did learn something new. After Conner was cursed, Gar transformed into a virus to cure him. This was new as it was considered that he could only transform into an animal, but as it turns out, Beast Boy can rearrange his DNA into anything as long as it has DNA. Hence, he can also turn into a virus.

After saving Conner from the curse, Beast Boy returned to his human form. From there, he continued to have visions of the temple splitting in half. Most notably, it seemed like his vision was more predictions, as they usually come true, like envisioning people’s words seconds before they have even spoken.

As the Blood Moon ritual was closing, Gar’s visions disturbed him more and more. After his final vision before the ritual, Gar is visited by The Red’s messenger. He tells Beast Boy that he is to go to The Red when he sees the tower splitting in half during the Blood Moon ritual. Gar must do that as all of life depends on Gar’s actions.

So, when Sebastian later started to use his newfound powers against the Titans, their cave started to collapse. Beast Boy noticed that and said, ”Take me to The Red”. Gar then turned red and vanished, and other Titans vanished as well.

The only difference was that all of the Titans, apart from Gar, returned after the Blood Moon ritual was completed, and Beast Boy was nowhere to be seen. As Dick and the rest of the team continued their quest to stop Sebastian and May, they traveled to Caul’s Folly, but where was Gar?


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Beast Boy most likely remained in The Red and is on a spiritual journey. The messenger mentioned that Gar would learn to see and understand the animal world even more. He also compared Gar to Buddy Baker and Mari McCabe. Both Animal Man and Vixen had their spiritual journeys connected to The Red, which enabled them to connect fully with their abilities and animal life. Beast Boy can transform himself into an animal, but he lacks control and understanding of the inner spirits, and that is what he will learn in The Red.

The next episode is titled ”Dude, Where’s My Gar?” and will most likely be centered more on Beast Boy and his spiritual journey, so we’ll have our answers about what happened to him after he saved the team during the ritual.

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