‘Titans’ Season 4 Episodes 7 & 8: Recap & Ending Explained

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Titans is finally back after the midseason finale, and we bring you a recap of episodes 7 & 8 of season 4. The show continues right where it left a few months ago, with the Blood Moon ritual completed and Sebastian emerging as the powerful Son of Trigon. Titans track down the Horn, the only tool that can bring Trigon to life, and all roads lead to Caul’s Folly. So, let’s see how it all went down.

The Son of Trigon emerges, and the Titans need to find the Horn

The seventh episode begins with a Blood Moon ritual where Sebastian’s transformation is complete. He rises as a leader, and Mother Mayhem explains that his powers are now unmatched and that his followers will obey his every order. Their next mission will be to bring back Sebastian’s father, Trigon.

Six hours later, the Titans awake in the cave where the ritual was performed. Apparently, Mother Mayhem used her powers to send them to the Death Realm, but Gaz somehow kept them alive. The conflict between Nightwing and Superboy continues because of their different opinions regarding what they should have done about Sebastian when they had the chance.

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Raven stops them, stating that fighting each other won’t change anything, and she releases Jynx’s spirit as a tribute to her sacrificing her life for the rest of the team. While doing that, Raven notices that she got her powers back, but they are somehow different as if the darkness she fed off for so long was finally lifted. As they were about to leave the cave, Superboy found the briefcase buried on the floor beneath them with the LexCorp logo on it.

Inside the briefcase, there was a letter from Lex and a book. Lex planted that in a cave in case his plan failed, so the Titans would have at least something to rely on in the battle against May. Lex wanted that Nightwing had the book and tried to figure out what to do next, and the rest of the letter is meant to be for Superboy only.

The main problem was that Dick and Kory did not know the Tamaranean language written in Lex’s book, so they decided to visit Roberta, an expert in extraterrestrial languages. Roberta was excited to meet a Tamaranean finally. When presented with Lex’s book, she immediately knew it was about a prophecy regarding the end of the world and said that if the Blood Moon ritual was complete, the Son of Trigon had manifested himself in the Well of Blood on Earth.


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If Sebastian were to obtain the Horn that Trigon lost in his battle against Tamaraneans, he could bring Trigon back to life, meaning Trigon could have dominion over Earth. Starfire is the only one who can prevent that, but she must sacrifice herself in the process.

Superboy decides to take his path, and Titans go on their quest to find the Horn

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In the meantime, Superboy tracked Mercy down, and they talked about Lex and the legacy he left behind. May wants that Superboy avenges his father and take back LexCorp, as that is his legacy and responsibility. She also gave Conner a file containing Lex’s countermeasures against May’s plan and urged him to be the person he always needed to be, apart from Titans, stating that he was far better than them.

Dick is determined to find the Horn as soon as possible. Titans used their intellect to determine that Lex gave them the Horn’s location in his book, leading them to a small city, Caul’s Folly. Apparently, the Horn has been dormant for years, making his whereabouts hard to locate, but Raven’s powers could be the key to waking it up.

Bernard also showed up and decided to help the Titans in their quest to find the Horn. In the process, he and Tim talk awkwardly and decide they should continue their relationship as friends and focus on the mission. However, all that fell into the water when they booked the adjoined rooms in a motel and eventually declared they didn’t want to be just friends.


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Once the Titans entered the unknown city where the locations of the Horn led them, they soon realized that the small town was not as charming as they thought at first and that they would have a hard time leaving it. The only way to do so is to get the Horn.

It is later revealed that the town is cursed, Titans are perceived as enemies, and Dick is the Son of Trigon. All of the Caul’s Folly citizens are trapped in the city for years, and the Sheriff is the Horn’s keeper and protector. Alongside the other followers, he’s been waiting for the Chosen One, the Son of Trigon. Not knowing what he is getting himself into, Dick goes to visit Sheriff Carter. But, he finds that out soon enough, as the fight starts and Sheriff and the other officers overpower him.

Sebastian obtains the Horn, and the Titans struggle to liberate Caul’s Folly’s citizens

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Dick and Kory woke up in the same bed without knowing how that happened. They immediately assume that they must have been drugged. Things got even stranger when they realized that someone went to great lengths to create an appearance of the two of them actually being a family and living in Caul’s Folly permanently.

May and Sebastian addressed the crowd in a church, and Sebastian immersed his hand inside a giant goblet filled with lava and pulled out the Horn from it. He proved himself to be the Son of Trigon, and the next thing that needed to be done was to track Raven down and kill her because she presented herself as the Daughter of Trigon.

Sebastian considers her his last weakness, and he wants to kill her. However, he is having difficulty doing that as they are connected; for every wound he makes on Raven’s body, the same wound appears on his. He couldn’t hurt her unless he were hurting himself also. Raven tells Sebastian that he is merely a tool in May’s plan to bring Trigon back and that she only uses him.

Dick and Kory, now known in the city as Ted and Carol, accepted their roles and searched for Raven, who citizens now called ”heretic”. They learn that May and Sebastian have obtained the Horn and that all the people in the city are under the influence and state where they no longer remember their real lives. In the meantime, Tim and Bernard locate the rest of the team in Caul’s Folly. However, the two of them disagree about what steps to take further.

Nightwing uses Batman’s mind trick to keep himself sane, and Superboy and Sebastian meet

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Nightwing develops a plan using a mind trick Batman has taught him. He plans to use negative memories to keep him and Kory less susceptible to the influence of false reality. Kory reluctantly agrees, and both of them record their memories. Unfortunately, the trick does not work on Kory, and she falls under the influence even further, losing touch with reality and not remembering who Rachel is.

Dick confronts the Sheriff and other followers as he wants to find Rachel. He is having a hard time keeping himself sane and avoiding being influenced, but he manages somehow and defeats all his opponents in the process. After that, he finds Rachel and liberates her. Their next goal is to destroy the radio station to prevent the music from influencing the town’s citizens.

Bernard eventually figured they didn’t see the rest of the team because they must be in another dimension, so he devised a plan to send a signal there.


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When Nightwing, Starfire, and Raven got to the radio station, Starfire still did not remember who she was. Dick also starts to forget in the process, but Raven makes him remember the night they met and how he saved her. Dick managed to stop the music, and the barrier was lifted, enabling all the citizens to become free again.

Back in Metropolis, Superboy tracked Sebastian down, and they will most likely join their forces now. This last episode gave us a ‘WandaVision’ vibe, and it will be interesting to see what the next episode offers. So, stay tuned for our recap of the ninth episode of Titans next week!

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