Tom Hardy Confirms the Restart of ‘Venom 3’ Production – Reffers to the Movie as” The Last Dance”

Venom production confirmed
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Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, or SSU, keeps expanding, and the movie and the movie that started it all ‘Venom’ released in 2018, is bound to get its second sequel in 2024 with Tom Hardy returning to the role of the beloved Symbiote. 

This summer, which was supposed to see some of the most expected productions resume and conclude, especially related to the superheroes, was affected by the longest SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood’s history— lasting for 118 days.

Both SSU and MCU were paused, and both cinematic universes have a plethora of projects lined up to be developed, but in any case, shortly after the strike ended, both parties reached good deals, and the news broke out that ‘Venom 3’ will resume production and the movie received a new postponed release date set to hit the cinemas on November 8, 2024. 

Tom Hardy himself further confirmed that production resumed with a heartfelt and longish Instagram post. 

The Last dance – thankfully we are back to shooting; and I want to take a moment just to thank all the teams thus far on the ride from V1 to here all our fantastic Cast and crew- good friends and family – we’ve come a long way – it’s been and continues to be a lot of fun this journey there’s always hard turns to burn when we work but doesn’t feel as hard when you love what you do and when you know you have great material and the support at all sides, of a great team.

Hardy referred to the movie as ‘The Last Dance,’ which might be the title of the yet untitled ‘Venom 3’, or it might simply refer to the fact that he is leaving the Venom role; he was originally signed to make three Venom movies.

But, even if this is the end for the SSU Venom, the Symbiote is in the MCU officially thanks to the mid-credits scenes of ‘ Let There Be Carnage’ see a piece of Venom symbiote being left behind in the MCU – and start moving.

2024 will be a busy year for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The start of the year will be marked with the upcoming release of ‘Madame Web’ on February 14, 2023, and in the summer, we can expect the long-awaited ‘Krave the Hunter’ movie that is set to be released on August 30, 2024. 


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However, there are some rumors that point in the direction of SSU being merged with MCU. In that case, it might not be the last dance for Hardy after all. 

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