Here Is Why Carnage Is Stronger than Venom

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The Symbiotes of Marvel Comics are some of the most interesting creatures in the lore of Marvel because these creatures look cool and are so powerful compared to the other villains that Spider-Man has faced in his life. But out of all of the Symbiotes, the two most popular are Venom and Carnage because they were associated with Spider-Man as two of his most powerful villains. But while Venom and Carnage are both Symbiotes, Carnage was almost always stronger. So, why is Carnage stronger than Venom?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Venom and Carnage are both Klyntar Symbiotes, which can produce offspring that are stronger than the parent.
  • Due to the fact that Carnage is the offspring of Venom, it goes without saying that he became stronger than his parent.
  • Carnage was bonded to a serial killer, making him more unhinged and ruthless than Venom.

Klyntar Symbiote offspring are always stronger

If there’s one race of creatures that has become quite popular in the world of Marvel Comics, it’s the Symbiotes. Of course, the most famous out of all of the Symbiotes is Venom, which bonded with Peter Parker and allowed Spider-Man to become stronger. However, after Peter purged Venom out of his system, the Symbiote bonded with a new host in the form of Eddie Brock, the most popular out of all of the different hosts of Venom.

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Venom didn’t take long to start reproducing as Symbiotes are known to leave behind spawns of their own. These spawns end up becoming Symbiotes as well. After Venom left behind a spawn, it bonded with Cletus Kasady to create a new Symbiote creature called Carnage, which became one of the most popular Symbiotes in the world of Marvel Comics.

The thing about Venom and Carnage is that they are Symbiotes belonging to the Klyntar race, which was a creation of Knull, the King in Black, before the creation of the current universe. Many humans have interacted with the Klyntars throughout the universe’s history, and they are known to produce different offspring to continue their line. But the Klyntars are naturally known to produce stronger offspring because this is part of how they can make sure that their species gets to live on for more generations.


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As such, when Venom produced Carnage, it became apparent that the offspring was stronger than the parent. This was clear during the events of the Spider-Man storylines. Spidey and Venom usually had to work together to defeat Carnage due to how overwhelmingly stronger Carnage was compared to Venom. This is because Venom spawned Carnage, as the Klyntar Symbiotes’ offspring are supposed to be stronger than the parents.

So, just like Venom was stronger than his parent, Carnage was stronger than Venom. As such, natural selection allowed Carnage to become stronger than Venom, as this was always how the Klyntar Symbiotes could last for a very long time.

On top of that, Carnage has seen his fair share of power amplification over the years as he lost his weakness to fire and sound due to his connection to the Darkhold. In that regard, he became a lot stronger than the base form of Venom.

Carnage has a serial killer as his host

There is also another reason why Carnage was stronger than Venom. Of course, the Symbiote’s host also matters when determining how strong the Symbiote is. That was why Spider-Man was incredibly strong while he was bonded with Venom. And the fact that Carnage was bonded with Cletus Kasady was another reason he was stronger than Venom.

Unlike Eddie Brock, who wasn’t a bloodthirsty criminal but a reporter, Cletus was a true criminal in every sense. He was a serial killer who had no qualms about taking lives. Of course, while Eddie Brock became a villain at one point in time after bonding with Venom, he wasn’t as evil as Cletus Kasady, who was already diabolical in terms of his nature even before he bonded with Carnage.

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The fact that Carnage was bonded with a true criminal was one of the reasons why he was stronger than Venom. Cletus had no morals that held Carnage back, as Venom was sometimes held back by the fact that Eddie had a conscience. This allowed Carnage to act without conscience as he became much more ferocious and unhinged than Venom.

Venom eventually became stronger

While Carnage was almost always stronger than Venom for the longest time possible, the recent developments in Marvel Comics changed everything. This was due to the huge Knull storyline that involved the primordial god of darkness, who created the Symbiotes before the dawn of time. And Knull was so powerful that he fought and defeated Sentry, who stands as one of the strongest heroes on Earth and an Odinforce-empowered Thor.


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In ‘The King in Black,’ Venom defeated Knull through the help of many different heroes who worked together to weaken the incredibly strong primordial god. On the other hand, Carnage couldn’t achieve the same feat that Venom achieved.

Defeating Knull allowed Venom to become the King in Black or the leader of all the Symbiotes in the universe. Becoming the King in Black allowed Venom to obtain powers that Carnage could only dream of, as he had control over the entire Symbiote hive mind and obtained the ability to travel through time due to his new cosmic abilities.

So, while Carnage was supposed to be stronger than Venom under normal circumstances, Venom’s victory over one of the strongest Marvel entities allowed him to become stronger than his offspring.

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