Tyler Hoechlin Shares a Touching ‘Superman & Lois’ Update: “Can’t Believe We Only Have Five Weeks Left”

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Despite not being connected to the larger Arrowverse, ‘Superman & Lois’ is easily the best CW superhero show in terms of quality writing. The show did have its ups and downs, especially last year. After Nexstar acquired CW and the network was bound to be restructured, ‘Superman & Lois’ survived the onslaught during which many shows were canceled. A few days before the finale of season 3 was supposed to air, the news came that the show would continue under the new leadership, but some budget cuts will be made.

This led to some of the main cast being let go, fewer writers, and the episode count was slashed compared to previous seasons. The fans sighed a breath of relief when they learned that their favorite wholesome superhero show survived the onslaught, but the joy was short-lived as several months ago it was announced that season 4 would be the show’s last. The solid and consistent viewership was not enough to justify the high costs associated with CGI. Additionally, a WB executive admitted that the show was canceled after 4 seasons partly due to the reluctance of the studio to have two competing Superman products, no matter how tiny the ‘Superman & Lois’ community is, it still obviously presents a risk for Gunn’s upcoming ‘Superman’ set to be released in 2025.

Now, several weeks into filming Tyler Hoechlin took to his personal Instagram account to share updates on the filming and some awesome behind-the-scenes shots of Daily Planet Office.

Back to work at the Daily Planet with @bitsietulloch . Hard to believe we only have five weeks left.

We can assume that the filming will continue for 5 more weeks, based on Tyler’s words, and this is consistent with the announced release date for the fourth season. ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 4 is set to arrive on CW in Fall 2024 and will consist of 10 episodes.

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